The Best Kindle Comparison Reviews brought here just for You!

Since Amazon first launched the Kindle, it’s been a decade. Choosing which Kindle to buy was easy and straightforward back then. As now there are lot of options so this can now be done by reading Kindle Comparison Reviews.

There was only one Kindle in the market with only two versions i.e. WiFi and 3G to choose from after all. Each with different versions which support various features, the collection of Kindles has grown to four different models.

The feature set and a little more understanding of what the various devices have to offer is what the safe choice you will be making.

Making the choice on which Kindle will work the best for you is no longer a cake walk with the delivery which Kindle has built over the years.

It can be somewhat confusing with all the new models and new features. We will be comparing the different Kindles by providing you the best Kindle comparison reviews to help you make the right choice.


While buying any gadgets is how it looks and feels is one of the most influential aspects. Amazon has continuously worked to improve the design, feel, and weight of Kindles over the years.

To say the least, the 8th generation Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite have a 6” screen and a bland design. You will have to contend with walking around with a chunky and heavy device while you might enjoy the comfort of an e-reader which fits in your palm.

With a thinner body, the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis have a more appealing design. These two boasts of better aesthetics, better build quality and a better feel unlike the Paperwhite and the Kindle Budget reader.

It packs the same small 6-inch screen and it scores highly with regards to the design is the only problem with the Voyage.

Oasis is the best pick for you if you are looking for premium materials, better design and larger display as per the Kindle comparison reviews.


Kindle had to sacrifice most of its flare especially with the display being the most affordable Kindle. With a 6” screen, the Kindle e-reader has a display resolution of 167 PPI. It has no backlight and the typography is relatively week unlike Paperwhite, Voyage or Oasis.

With regards to the display with a 300 PPI resolution better typography and a backlight, the Paperwhite has more advanced features.

With plenty of clarity and no glare even under direct sunlight, the size of the screen is still 6” which has allowed for a super-sharp display.

A lot of effort has gone into improving the quality of the display even though the Kindle Voyage has the same screen size.

A 300 ppi resolution and a Carta e-paper screen type for crispier and sharper display it has six LED backlights for better vision.

The Paperwhite has one glaring shortcoming as the display is touch-sensitive to liquid with so much focus on display.

It will register the liquid on the screen as touch if you spill on the screen, the trouble of having to adjust the brightness every time you change locations, it does make up for this with the addition of an ambient light sensor.

The Kindle Oasis is the best with regards to display if you are an avid user of Kindle and you take the experience seriously.

A Carta E-Ink screen type, 300 ppi resolution, it has a backlit screen with up to 12 LEDs and the best part is it has an anti-glare feature as it has a 7” screen.

You will still be able to carry on with your reading with no trouble no matter where the rays of the sun land on the display.

The Oasis has an ambient light sensor which controls the backlight depending on the intensity of light in your location to seal the deal.

For easier and more intensive reading, the Oasis provides with better quality and a bigger display making it one of the best ereaders for you.


As a standard feature, all Kindles come with Wi-Fi connectivity. You need to choose you’re Kindle carefully if you prefer not to wait for a Wi-Fi connection to access the bookstore.

The Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis all have 3G versions at an extra cost as the Budget Kindle does not have a 3G version.

Battery Life

An incredibly battery life is one feature which is uniform with the four Kindles. A standby battery time of several weeks, as all devices have a standby battery life.

With all factors like the intensity of the backlight constant, depending on the intensity of using the devices which can hold a charge for up to one week.

Reading full Kindle Comparison Reviews will help you know about every new upgradation made to previous models.

The Oasis does have an edge while all the devices have a respectable standby battery time. Its battery still keeps up with the other models which give it a huge advantage as it offers a better experience with a broader range of features.


The Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite allow swiping or you can tap on the screen for the ease of use especially while flipping around the pages.

While the Oasis has the most innovative option of page-turners which allows you to flip forward or back with ease while using one hand, the Voyage goes a step further to introduce capacitive buttons for flipping pages.

The Oasis is highly preferred mainly because of its thin and unique design which makes it easier to use with one hand.

It gives the user that traditional reading experience with plenty of comfort maneuverability and control even though all the Kindles are user-friendly.

Unique features

To offer much comfort or cutting-edge features Kindles were not meant to offer so much. So that you could catch up with your favorite e-book, they were just a gadget where you could catch up.

This is the main reason why earlier models like the Kindle 8th Generation and Paperwhite do not have the standout features.

Amazon had to pull out all the stops with the Kindle Oasis over the years with competition mounting against the Kindle. To make e-reading fun and exciting, it is jam-packed with plenty of exciting features.

The Premium eReaders brought only for you!

The hardware was great but was expensive and let down by a lack of curation on the Kobo bookstore, as last year we reviewed Kobo’s Aura One eReader.

So, how have things changed in the past year?

Trying to decide if Kobo has a chance against the Amazon juggernaut which has form when it comes to crushing its smaller rivals, as in out Kobo Forma’s comparison with Kindle Oasis, we evaluate the company’s latest eReader for design, features, specs, and ease of use. Let us take a look at our best eReaders chart for a broader advice.

Price and where to buy

The comparison point given the quality of the specs and design as they should be the Kindle Oasis rather than the bog-standard Kindles as that is rather a lot but bear in mind that this is a  premium eReader. The Oasis here costs just $10 less.

To the 8GB model, the above price tags apply. That will cost more when it eventually launches here as Kobo has only announced that the higher-storage unit will be released in Japan.

The other countries later on if you need a 32GB which will cost more when it eventually launches here.

Since 8GB is enough for 6,000 standard eBooks as we imagine there is more appetite for this in Japan.

Design and Built

A roughly book-shaped 8in screen with a mice chunky grip grafted on to one side, the Forma is almost square. So that it is easy to pick the things up, the grip is angled upwards.

There is a power button next to the micro USB charging port aside from the back and forward rocker switch on the grip.

We occasionally found out ourselves doing one when we meant to do the other as the button can be pressed once to put the Forma to sleep or pressed and held to do a full power off.

The materials do not imply luxury as they suggest the device will not be hurt if you drop it which is actually quite reassuring as seems to be standard among even quite premium eReaders.

As aesthetic which says function more than form as we are talking matt charcoal plastic, with a glossier black around the edge of the screen? To have an alternative color option though it would be nice.

While still relatively cheap-looking, deserves extra credit the design which comes to the back of the reader. Not to mention secure in the hand and is quite pleasing to the eye too as the mixture of small and large indentations feels nice.

Despite having a slightly larger screen and roughly the same weight as the current Kindle Oasis 6 which has only a 7in screen we love the lightness of the Forma. It can easily be held in one hand.

The IPX8 water resistance of the Kobo Aura One last year is retained by Forma. If you cannot fish it out of the swimming pool in that time you frankly do not deserve to have nice things as this means that it will survive submersion in fresh water at 2m depth for up to 60minutes.

Big Screen Stands out

Even fractionally bigger than the iPad mini 4, the Forma’s crowning glory is its mono E Ink 8in display which is bigger than that of any current Kindle.

Although 300ppi which is now standard among premium and even mid-market eReaders it is sharp too at 1440×1920 and 300ppi.

Meaning that you can adjust the color temperature to suit your mood or the time of the day and hopefully improve your sleeping patterns by cutting blue light in the evening. To adjust automatically and find it relaxing to use we left it that way.

Finding that they have tapped a second menu option before the device responds to the first it is also a touchscreen, and quite a sluggish one at that those who are not used to devices of this sort may be frustrated.

For the E Ink displays and remember that 99 percent of the time you will not use it as a touchscreen and it is quite a standard.

Using the Kobo Forma

The Forma is simple to use as you would be hoping of. Navigate by either tapping on the left or the right side of the screen or using the top and bottom buttons on the grip select something to read from the My Books menu.

Including the brightness, text size and chapter quickly jump as you need to tap the central third of the screen to up menu options.

10 fonts and the ability to fine-tune text size, margin size and line spacing to an enormously granular degree as there is a good range of text customization options.

We have a slight reservation on the count as we mentioned earlier that rotating the device automatically rotates the screen. There is an option to ‘lock’ this as it can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation.

While preventing portrait mode from switching 90 degrees to landscape still allowing the device to rotate the full 180 degrees and it is so sensitive that it often flips upside-down when you put the device down on the table in the locked mode.

Indeed there are no alternatives so if you disable this option you just get a blank screen with ‘Sleeping’ or “Power off” at the bottom by default as the Kobo uses the cover of your current book as the screensaver.

We love the default setting though some may find that the latter limitation annoying.

As because they never get to see the cover as they would with a physical look on multiple occasions’ eBook using friends have sheepishly admitted to us that they don’t actually know what they are currently reading because they never get to see the cover.

The Completely Upgraded New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!

It typically calls even minimally updated versions “all-new” when Amazon updated it Fire tablets and e-readers.

To really fit the bill it introduced its all-new Kindle Paperwhite E Ink e-reader. Starting with the price of $130 or $10 more it is ready to be shipped on Nov. 7th.

The new Kindle Paperwhite is 10 percent thinner and lighter, measuring 8.18mm thick and weighing 182 grams, that 2015 model shared the sale chassis as its 2013 predecessor.

Instead, it has a “flush-front” design with a back made of as softer, grippy material which is not hard as plastic is the other major design different though it does not have the raised bezel of its predecessor.

Some notable changes are made. Like the high-end Kindle Oasis and which has a plastic screen which Amazon says is highly shatter-resistant and scratch resistant as most notably the Paperwhite is now fully waterproof.

Amazon will still be happy to sell you a case to protect it as they start at $30 while it is more durable than the old Paperwhite and can survive smaller drops.

The complete overview

The overall performance seems very similar to that of the previous Paperwhite after playing the sound briefly. You can have a look at the complete Kindle Paperwhite review 2018.

Being readable in direct sunlight, it has the same sharp 6-inch, 300 ppi touchscreen E Ink Display.

You will also be getting six weeks of reading on a single charge with normal use as it also has the same battery life.

Instead of four, the LEDs are at the top of the device which adds a little brightness as this model has five LEDs.

Now Paperwhite has Bluetooth for audible listening too as Oasis already added wireless Bluetooth connectivity for listening to Audiobooks over Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

As they sync to the point in the book where you left off, as you do not expect the Kindle as a music or podcast player, you can easily switch between e-book and audiobook.

It has upgraded the built-in storage, doubling it from 4 GB to 8GB while Amazon does not appear to have upgraded the Paperwhite’s processor or RAM.

Featuring 32 GB of storage, the new Paperwhite line is step-up models. Space will be welcome for audiobook fans as that is the overkill for e-books.

You can choose from 10 different fonts, 16 font sizes and five boldness settings as before, for yourself and various members of your family who like to read with the different font sizes is the ability to save the custom settings for yourself.

There are even some preset options to pick from on top of all. For instance, it is a quick way to jump to a more beige, bolder font with the gym setting.

Based on your reading habits as well as tips for new features to try from there is a new home screen which adds additional layers of Amazon which are recommended.

As a free over-the-air update to the all-new Kindle Paperwhite which is the sixth-gen Paperwhite released in 2013 and the newer Kindle devices in the coming weeks as Amazon says that the updated home experience as well as the ability to quickly save and access reading settings.

No scene of Alexa

With slightly trimmer design, full waterproofing feature, Bluetooth and increased memory which is a pretty satisfying upgrade, Amazon has not managed to integrate Alexa voice control into the Kindle.

The two devices virtually weigh the same and now have very similar features. Kindle Oasis costs nearly twice as much and has a bigger screen which is of 7-inches.

To give you more of a reason to buy it beyond the larger screen it makes you wonder whether the Oasis is not due for an upgrade or a price drop.

The new Kindle Paperwhite starts at $130 for the Wi-Fi only version as noted. The range of price jumps to $160 for the 32GB version and $250 for the 32GB version with cellular.

Six months of its subscription reading service for a limited time is included by Amazon. Kindle Unlimited which normally costs $10 a month comes for free.

To millions of eBooks titles and thousands of free Audible audiobooks, the service gives you access.

The following are the key features of the new 2018 Kindle Paperwhite:

  • 6-inch 300 ppi E Ink Display.
  • 4 ounces, which is 182 grams
  • 18 mm thickness
  • IPX8 waterproof rating to protect against immersion in up to 2 meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes
  • Drop-resistant design with highly shatter-resistant flush-front plastic touch-screen screen display
  • 8GB of built-in memory (previous model had 4GB)
  • Step-up versions with 32GB of memory
  • Five-LED lighting system (previous model had four)
  • Bluetooth for listening to Audible audiobooks (no music streaming)
  • Around six weeks of reading on a single charge with “normal” use (same as previous model)
  • $130 (£120) for the Wi-Fi-only version with Special Offers ($10 more than previous model)
  • $160 (£150) for the 32GB version
  • $250 (£220) for the 32GB version with cellular
  • For a limited time, Amazon is including six months of its subscription reading service, Kindle Unlimited, for free (it normally costs $10 a month)

Grab on the latest Waterproof Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!

The Ziploc bag business was killed by Amazon. Finally making the midrange ebook reader waterproof Kindle’s first hardware update was in three years.

To finally cast off their plastic wrap and picking one up, there is a great reason for beach and bathtub readers.

The eReaders are the ones to be loved. Dominating the market in the US they are focused, calm, and peaceful.

Thanks to Kobo’s integration with public libraries, eReader competition feels like it is picking up high this tear. With a huge step forward, it is now that Amazon is taking its huge step forward.

Being very different from previous midrange Kindles, as because it has a flat front there is no lip around the screen anymore as the new Paperwhite feels very different.

It is not E Ink Mobius as the company’s own design as Amazon is using a plastic-backed 300ppi E Ink display.

Featuring Kindle Paperwhite with Kindle Oasis

It also feels just a little bit slippery in the hand as it has a matte back and is not textured or grippy as the device feels about the same size as the old Paperwhite.

The flat-front design is going to take some time for my hands to get used to as because it curls up the fingers which are around the lip.

It is lighter than the previous Paperwhite which was 7.2 ounces at 6.4 ounces. You can have complete Kindle Paperwhite review of 2018.

You can dunk it in fresh water for an hour as the new Paperwhite has the same IPX8 rating as the Kindle Oasis.

Dropping it in a hot tub for instance or dunking it in salt water, Amazon says it has also tested other common scenarios they are not a part of IPX8 testing.

It is fine if you fish it out and rinse it off relatively quickly as what the company said in both the cases.

Protecting your Kindle Paperwhite

What is the next thing you are concerned about after having bought the best e-reader? Protecting it from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches is what the obvious fact is.

The main solution is the sleeve for Kindle’s Paperwhite. With an open top, they can either be enveloped style or simply sleeves.

As it is prone to scratches, the Kindle’s Paperwhite’s screen is not covered and the glass is toughened. These are the main features of Kindle Paperwhite 2017.

The emerging trends of eBooks make them available for your reading pleasure within a few seconds or minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Amazon phenomenon made it possible to order printed books from just as many titles in its inventory right in the comfort of your homes.

As free eBooks that you can download on the fly from many online digital libraries, titles in the public domain are available.

From Shakespeare’s Macbeth to Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, from the Bible’s various versions to Martin Luther’s Treatise on Good works, you can also get hold of great literary works.

The eBook format has assumed a potent advertising arsenal that just about all e-marketing pundits have been extolling all over the internet for many entrepreneurs.

To bring more visitor traffic to any website that is able to harness the eBook’s crowd-drawing power, it has essentially taken a large share of the promise of viral marketing.

A tweaked Bookerly font and a whole new setting for the typing engine, in order to improve the character spacing and typography and the layouts of the page for a more pleasant reading experience as the 2017 upgrade offers an improved 300 ppi display.

With the more expensive Kindle voyage and Kindle Oasis, the best bit is that the pixel boosts actually puts the more affordable Paperwhite on par.

The Kindle Paperwhite is far more wallet-friendly than the extravagant price of $169.99 from the Kindle Voyage or Oasis. If you want Kindle Paperwhite for a version of 3G and with no adverts then the price increases a bit.

For most people by a wide margin, the Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s best e-reader. There is not much reason to spend the extra amount to get the Voyage unless you are incredibly finicky about the technology of your e-reader.

The backlit display itself is the main USP of this device. As the people would normally do, it makes reading a pleasure and people read for longer. With high-quality text, it has an unsurpassed high resolution.

This supports all of the latest updates to the Kindle OS. You can even take to bed to read it with its super bright light. This is the most stunning feature.

If you go for a little more than $100, you can get an unlimited or lifetime 3G data connection.

Why go for Kindles?

Thanking especially the tablet’s glare-free touch screen, Amazon’s e-readers are easy to the eyes. These devices hold thousands of e-books and have at least 4GB of storage.

So, this is the reason why you should always go for Kindles and have ample fun while reading.

Check out the Complete Kindle Paperwhite Review of 2018!

To keep the reading as close as possible to the book, design and functions are designed in such manner as per Kindle Paperwhite Review of 2018. The eBook reader is so small and light enough to be always on the go at 6 inches.

Reading pleasure does not have to end at the pool or the edge of the bathtub as the eReader is waterproof.

Compare the eReader with the previous model and reveal whether a purchase is worthwhile as we present the features and benefits of the Kindle Paperwhite in the following test overview.

In the 20198 version and improving it, Amazon has refreshed the eBook reader Kindle Paperwhite in the 2018 version and the following are the key features of the Paperwhite at a glance:

Display is waterproof

  • The Paperwhite eReader offers precise reading pleasure and can be stowed away in every pocket at the same time with a compact 6 inches and a resolution of 300 ppi.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite allows you to read without reflection even in sunlight. Consisting of 5 LEDs which is routed to the surface of the display and can be adjusted in brightness to minimize the strain on the eyes even in the dark is what the optimized front light is for.
  • At least to a fresh water depth of 2 meters, the brightest change compared to the predecessor model is that the eReader is now waterproof.
  • Than its predecessors, the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is flatter and lighter that is provided by complete Kindle Paperwhite Review. The predecessor model brought in the comparison even more than 200 grams on the scales; it only weighs 182 grams in the WLAN version.
  • The edge of the eBook reader is narrower than its predecessor which makes the new Kindle Paperwhite more compact in addition.
  • To about 8.18 mm the thickness of the eReader was shrunk into.
  • Compared to the previous version, Amazon has doubled the storage of the Kindle Paperwhite 2018.
  • Between 8 GB and 32 GB of storage, the interested parties can choose from.
  • Users will be receiving book suggestions based on their reading history including books on Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading as Amazon has completely redesigned the home screen of its eReaders Kindle Paperwhite 2018.
  • Especially for Paperwhite to meet the challenges of digital reading, Bookerly is an exclusive font designed. While intelligent punctuation makes words even, Bookerly is handcrafted for easy legibility in all font sizes.
  • The reading is made easy with better character spacing, word separation, justification, undercutting, ligatures, and initials support.
  • You can choose between different personalized reading profiles with different fonts, font sizes and text orientations in the new Kindle Paperwhite 2018 if you are not satisfied with Bookerly so far.
  • Compared to its predecessor, the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 now operates with Amazon’s Audible audiobook streaming service.
  • They can connect the eReader through Bluetooth to an external speaker as the provided users are subscribers to the Audible service.

To give the user the feeling of reading a paper book, various features of Kindle Paperwhite are designed in such a way as you must have read from Kindle Paperwhite Review.

The Bookerly font was developed for the best reading experience, text passages as they can be marked or notes taken in the eBook can be made like a book albeit at Paperwhite digital instead of a pen for example.

You can quickly jump to the end with Paperwhite as with the paper copy and then tick off the book if you find the novel boring.

From the following reading aspects the owners of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 benefits from:

Whispersync for Voice and Whispersync

  • To the other devices or the Kindle App, the eReader Kindle Paperwhite automatically saves the most recently read pages and syncs.
  • To continue reading at the point where they last stopped is what is allowed for the users.
  • Through the important book passages which mention the relevant ideas, characters or historical personalities or places, this feature provides a timeline view.

Smart Lookup

  • About words, the reader can also get additional information. With X-Ray and Wikipedia, smart lookup combines a dictionary.

Whereby the eBook reader benefited from the new waterproofness compared to its predecessor model, them mid-priced Kindle Paperwhite did well in tests.

Because of the plastic housing, the digital reader was only marginally criticized for this:

  • Especially that the eReader Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is now waterproof, the reviewers of the US portal Pocket-lint liked the design update.
  • The selection of reading profiles which are added to the good impression, numerous small improvements are added.
  • The tech-tech portal techradar speaks about a major update that Amazon made to its eReader Kindle Paperwhite as it sees in the eBook reader an ideal Christmas Present after its first test.
  • After the test as the biggest feature for most users, the British tech gadget magazine Stuff rated the water resistance of Amazon eReaders Kindle Paperwhite.

Read the best Kobo Clara HD Review- Ebookwebsite

It has been eight years since Kobo released its first eBook reader. The original Kobo was an ambitious, but somewhat not adapted or realistic eBook reader.

It detects or catches the basics, like its six-inch E Ink display with a 170 DPI, as well as a big rubber navigation button.

What was not present although there was Wi-Fi or cellular connection— if people wanted to download a book, you’d need to plug the Kobo eBook reader into your laptop?

EBook reader technology has come a long way, but Amazon has claimed the space asking with its Kindle devices.

Kobo is still in the fight, though, its latest entry is the Kobo Clara HD, a budget eBook reader meant to directly compete against Amazon’s affordable Kindle Paperwhite as we provide here the complete Kobo Clara HD Review.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’ll find on more expensive eBook readers that you can purchase like the Kobo Aura One and Kindle Oasis, but this was expensive in the rate of $130.

Hardware features:

The features of Clara HD have E-ink Carat HD display with a 300 PPI display. The back of the Clara has a neat perforated design which makes it easy to hold and a high degree of grip.

Underneath the hood is a 1GHZ Free scale Solo Lite processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

Kobo has suspended expandable storage and there is no Micro SD card on the Clara HD. In order to conserve the memory, you have a number of options in the settings menu to automatically delete the books from the device when you have finished them from reading and you can do the same thing with Pocket articles.

Speaking of Pocket the Kobo experimental browser also has Pocket integration, so you can save Pocket directly on the e-reader, instead of primarily depend on the plugins for Chrome or Firefox.

The Clara HD has a front line display that might be one of the best ones Kobo has ever released as per Kobo Clara HD Review. It has even light distribution thanks to the 8 white LED’s and the Comfort light PRO system has 7 orange LED’s.

If you turn both the front-lit display and the Comfort light on, all of the LEDs work in concert and it provides a really bright and vibrant reading experience.

The comforting light has an automatic setting that does not use an ambient light sensor, as an alternative it depends on the time of day and your time zone to automatically configure itself.

Auto brightness is optional so you can turn it off when you don’t need to use it.

Software Features:

Kobo runs a customized version of Linux, instead of Google Android. This allows them to really tailor the user experience for a 300 PPI screen and to put emphasis on making it work well on an e-ink screen.

The Clara HD software experience is a little bit different than most of the company’s other e-readers. The cover art and text on the home screen has really high DPI, whereas the Kobo Aura Edition 2 and Glo HD seem antiquated and pixelated in contrast.

The home screen comprises of the last few books you have opened or have purchased and the rest is devoted to similar titles and various links to the Kobo online store.

When you click on the settings menu the main navigation bar is more condensed and the text is smaller and more streamlined than the company’s other e-readers, including the Kobo H2O Edition 2.

You will spend most of your time with the library menu. List and cover view are the two main options to display your content.

The list provides you with the full author name and title of the book and cover mode basically just show the eBook cover art. You can sort by author, date added or publisher.

You can also develop your own collections and pick the eBooks you want to add it. When you have done to read a book then you have the option of leaving a review is automatically entered into the Kobo bookstore.

There is also a new option in the library to browse the similar titles, which opens the bookstore. You can also improve the recommendation engine over time by abating your interest level in a particular author or genre of book.

Kobo has an exclusive pocket that allows you to push website and blog articles directly to your e-reader as you come to know by reading full Kobo Clara HD Review.

The easiest way to do this is to download the pocket browser extension for chrome, edge, Firefox and Safari.

Once you download the extension and log into the service you can begin to push out all of the stories you want to read your e-reader later and they will automatically be synced.

The articles will include any links, pictures or text.

But truncate shoot code and adverts. The kobo beta internet browser also has a new pocket plug-in that allows you to send any blog articles directly to the article menu.

There is an option to automatically delete all the pocket articles when you have finished reading them on your Clara.

Sometimes the kids pick up the Kobo and use it when the parents are not around and make purchases.

Kobo has a new PIN lock system where you can establish a password and whenever the device is in sleep mode the password has to be entered in order to wake it up.

E-reader practice:

Most e-readers and e-reading apps have a few different preset options to change the line spacing, margins or font size. You can check comparison between Kindle paperwhite and Kobo clara HD.

Kobo does things differently, they also have a bunch of sliders that allows unparalleled flexibility in determining how much weight you want your fonts to have and configure the margins and line spaces.

There is also an advanced option that allows you to see a before and after side by side, that shows you how all of your customizations will look, compared to the existing settings.

When you are reading a book, you have a number of options you can use.

Aside from font and customization options you can also long press on a word to get an instant definition of it. If you speak another language you can look the word up in Japanese, Italian, German, Dutch and many more.

When long pressing a word, you get an anchor that will allow you to select a single word, sentence or an entire paragraph. You can add a note or can highlight it.

When you add a note a virtual keyboard appears that allows you to manually add one.


  • Comfort light PRO
  • Great build quality
  • Advanced reading features
  • Security Features
  • Solid Price
  • excellent battery life


  • Not water resistant
  • Lacks overdrive integration found on other kobo models

The main goal is to empower people to read more, whenever and wherever they want. With that, they challenge print-loyal book lovers, and their friends, to try digital reading for just one week.

The technology of any kind can take a moment to get used to, but they have made e-reading easy and are convinced they will find they can fit reading into even more parts of their day, whether it is waiting for the kids at soccer practice, during the lunch break or during the daily commute.

Free Audiobooks & More offered to every Prime Members of Amazon!

As Amazon is such a site which is perfect for finding pretty much anything which you can possibly need as millions of people around the globe use this platform every day also for free audiobooks and more.

As at first Amazon was just an online bookstore as it did not start out the way it is now.

Amazon now is one of the most powerful and influential tech companies on the planet and over the years it is going to evolve as the best.

As because of continually adding features, such as music, video or a host of other things which we enjoy, it has reached lofty heights in large parts.

Prime was one of the most well-liked things which Amazon introduced.

Including the access to different Amazon content as well as faster deliveries, it is free to use Amazon though people with Amazon Prime subscription receive much more benefits.

1. Awesome discounts at whole foods

Looking to the struggling store as a way to get further into the grocery game, Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017.

To make its mark on the store as it slashed prices on many products, it did not take long for the tech company.

Extra 10 percent off of items with yellow sale signs as well as 2-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores in selected cities, free grocery pickup at certain locations and 5 percent back on Whole Foods purchases with an Amazon Prime rewards Visa Card are the benefits which are enjoyed by the Prime members.

2. Watching movies without Wi-Fi

The collection of free audiobooks, shows and movies which can be streamed to your devices is one of the nice things about Prime which is the access to Amazon video.

But even you can watch them without an access over a Wi-Fi.

Including Fire tablets like the latest fire HD 8 tablet, Fire phones, Android phones all there were selected Prime Video titles are available to be downloaded to compatible modes.

Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi or wireless network, find the Prime title which you want to download and open the window details if you are using a compatible device.

Also, make sure that you have enough space as you need to keep in mind that this can use up data on your cellular plan.

Look for the specific download icon which will be a down arrow especially for the TV shows.

Though a notification will typically display on-screen while the viewing period is almost over, the amount of time which you will have to be able to watch the downloaded title.

3. Reloaded with money-back

Members can get 2 percent back on purchases when they first load funds into their Amazon balance while using a debit card which is attached to the checking account as the Prime subscribers can take advantage of this Prime reload.

You supply the money for your own Amazon gift card which you then use to purchase the items in other words; you could even load $500 into an Amazon gift card using the Reload program and then receive a gift card which is actually worth %510 for example.

To the Reload there are certain limitations. You cannot go over $2000 for a single reload as you need at least $100 into your gift card balance.

It can work out well for the customers who already use a debit card for their purchases and for those who are heavy Amazon shoppers who are looking to get some bonus cash as reload requires you to jump through some of the minor hoops to earn rewards.

4. Grocery delivery made free and that too within a 2-hour window frame

To turn the Whole Foods natural-food grocery chain into a key link in Amazon’s offerings, they have been looking for ways.

In an ever-growing list of cities through Amazon’s Prime Now service, is one of the most tantalizing perks for the customers which are a free two-hour grocery delivery.

At a two-hour window at a time suggested by Amazon the delivery is completely free. You can opt to pay a fee if you need your groceries faster.

It is quite optional as Amazon will also automatically calculate a suggested tip for your courier.

If your city is not yet on the list it might be soon as Amazon has been expanding the Whole Foods delivery service at a rapid pace.

5. Editor’s choice books made free each month

You have to get something reading to do as you need to warm up your Kindle. To check out a new book, the Amazon Prime Reading First Reads benefits your ticket.

Amazon’s version of an online library stocked with a selection of books, free audiobooks and magazinesares what the Prime reading is all about.

Through a Kindle e-reader of the Kindle app, you can readily access Prime Reading. You can also download free ebooks and audiobooks on your Kindle.

The selection of six editor’s choice books are the First Reads. Each month the Prime members can pick one to read free each month.

You will be able to find an option which will draw your interest and the chances are good.

A thriller, a gothic murder story, a historical novel, a true-crime book, a young-adult book and a cute kid’s book about a duck are all which are included on the list.

Saving money with Amazon Family

Amazon’s Family Program can give you a break on the cost of diapers and baby food as Prime parents with newborns have a lot of ongoing expenses.

You will require using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program and setting up the subscriptions for five or more eligible baby products to be delivered on the same recurring day to the same address to earn a 20-percent discount.

The many perks that come with the program can sweeten the deal and make the annual membership expense very worthwhile though you may have started with the Amazon Prime and special thanks to the lure of free shipping.

These all benefits do acts as an icebreaker for all!

Grab on the best deals on Echo, Fire, Kindle, and HDTV taking over Amazon Black Friday!

It is always Amazon who can usurp Walmart’s Black Friday. The dominance is digital as the online giant might be opening retailer stores.

On the popular Echo, Fire TV and Kindle it ranges in particular and it is a consistent pattern of discounts in recent years.

It means all can predict where you will be able to find the biggest discounts in 2018 as Amazon’s Black Friday deals delivering a slew of sales.

The Tech Deals of Amazon’s Best Black Friday last year

  • Amazon Echo Dot for $29.99 (save $20) – review deal
  • Amazon Echo for $79.99 (save $20) – review deal
  • Amazon Echo Plus for $119.99 (save $30) – review deal
  • Amazon Cloud Cam for $99.99 (save $20) – review deal
  • Amazon Fire 7 Tablet for $29.99 (save $20) – review deal
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet for $49.99 (save $30) – review deal
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $89.99 (save $30) – review deal
  • Amazon Kindle for $49.99 (save $30) – review deal
  • Samsung UN55MU8000 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV for $897.99 – review deal
  • Samsung UN65MU8000 65-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV for $1,297.99 – review deal

The following deals are expected in regards to Amazon’s historical Black Friday consistency and according to some industry tips:

  • 32-inch TV for $69.99
  • 50-inch 4K TV for $154.99
  • Apple Watch Series 4 for $379 (save $20)
  • Nintendo Switch Bundle with 64GB Memory Card + $30 Nintendo Gift Card for $299.99
  • Nintendo Switch Console for $249.99 (save $50)
  • Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Bundles Start at $219.99 (save $80)
  • Microsoft Xbox One X Consoles for $374.99 (save $125)
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $79.99 (save $40)
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick for $19.99 (save $20)
  • Amazon Echo Plus for $99.99 (save $50)

Amazon will be offering even better deals than last year like Target and Walmart. There will be significantly more Black Friday on the consoles as the Echo, Kindle, and Fire TV ranges will be further reduced.

Amazon will offer Apple Watch Series 4 discount which is available and will go crazy low on off-brand HDTVs is what is expected.

Tips and tricks of Amazon Black Friday 2018

Amazon does not release a traditional print Black Friday ad scan as an online retailer. It can wait as long as possible to reveal its deals and it usually does so is what it means.

It released its deals through a press release very early in the morning on November 14th last year. On Wednesday, November 14th Amazon will again reveal its deals.

Allowing Amazon to undercut them in many categories, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target will also have their deals posted.

Including the Fire tablet, Kindle, Echo, and the various Alexa devices, Amazon is expected to feature its own line of electronics.

The selection of cheap TV deals, video games bundle, cameras, smartphones, laptops, and tables will also be featured.

Days of Sale with time

Amazon will most likely open its Black Friday deals store on November 1st as it always does.

It is recommended to wait until the week of Thanksgiving for the best ever prices while this sale event usually offers a few solid deals.

Prices will be valid on some items throughout the weekend into Cyber Monday as the actual doorbusters will begin on Thursday.

Before Black Friday on November 16th, prices on certain Amazon devices and other deals could go live.

You will have to watch Amazon’s website throughout the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday as many of the top electronic doorbusters will not have scheduled start times.

Shipping Free

Amazon does not have desirable free shipping during Black Friday and the holiday season unlike Target and Best Buy.

Prime members will enjoy free two-day shipping on every order but the non-Prime members are out of lick for smaller orders as always.

Amazon will not waive its $25 minimum order size in order to qualify for free shipping if prior years are of any indications.

It can be a problem if you are looking to spend less as that is usually not a big deal if you are shopping for electronics.

Amazon’s Cyber Mondays

Amazon does not release an official Cyber Monday ad scan as it does for Black Friday.

It provided a sample of its Cyber Monday deals through a press release on November 24th last year.

It is expected once again that a press release will be distributed in November for 2018.

With Amazon devices being the featured its the Cyber Monday sale is really just a continuation of the Black Friday event.

Some of the gaming bundles will be different as new TV deals should be available.

The best offers daily are being tracked through Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 deals.

Kindle Oasis Taken Over by Cost-effective Kobo’s Forma e-Reader!

The Forma is bigger, expensive and features a bold design as Kobo’s latest e-reader is a complete about-face from its anonymous, cheaper and highly practical Clara HD. For the fans for whom the price is no object, it clearly means to take on the Kindle Oasis.

In using a one-handed design, something which is we might as well admit up front is not for everyone as $280 Forma joins a number of other e-readers.

With 300 pixels per inch which is more than enough for beautiful type as it uses an 8-inch E-ink Carta display.

The specialty of Kobo is adjustable from very cold to very warm in cost and everywhere in between as the from light is essentially a layer above the display which lights up and bounces lights off it to illuminate the page.

The Forma’s asymmetric design gives it slightly closer to square dimensions as the screen will be very similar to that of the Aura One, which is Kobo’s previous high-end reader.

In size and a couple of important particular design is where it differs from the Kindle Oasis and reading Kindle oasis 6 review will help you know about the pros and cons of buying Kindle Oasis.

The Forma is ever so slightly and not noticeably thicker is what the Forma is which a slightly larger by about 20 millimeters.

There are no forced advertisements on this one and you can load your own books as easy as that as it is also worth saying which is like all Kobo devices.

Kobo Forma Top Features and Comparison

The Kobo team decided to go against having a flush front side and instead gave the device a “chin” as we used to call it on HTC phone though being on the side where it would perhaps more accurately be termed as “ear” as the shape is similar.

The grip on the side rises up from it at a 15-degree angle or so as the screen is flat and the grip on the side rises.

Flush screen is what is preferred by all but the back should be flat while you lay it down or prop it against something. When you set it down on a table it is something which bothers all as the Oasis sits at a tilt.

Only 30 grams more than the Kobo Clara, the same amount less than that of Aura One, and is nearly equal to the Oasis as it is still very light. It is no less portable despite being larger than any of those.

The Clara will fit in the back pocket and this one most definitely will not.

Like the one of Oasis although liquid on the screen can disrupt touch functionality the device is completely waterproof. You just need to wipe it off.

Filling one row from end to end then the second row of books directly in front and finally a third with a part of the books sticking out, hovering over the limbo is how over time my shelves grew over-populated.

It was time to start the painful process of ridding myself of them to give away to the library or other when I began forming piles on the side.

It was a agony as this happened every six months or so on average. Whether entirely or just some ‘favorite scenes’, I always tried to keep the ones I thought I would reread.

Even those hardcore favorites faced eviction since the room had to be made for new arrivals as time passed.

Not only did I grow up reading on my phone, tablet, or what-have-you but have long been enamored with the printed word in its classic format, mostly unchanged since the Gutenberg press and this is the point which I think should be cleared.

For all the advantages they offer, I have embraced and love the e-readers of today and even if I forego some of the minor perks that printed books still enjoy.

My love in e-reading

It is clear that even without access to a cloud service, I can probably fit more books onto my e-reader or smartphone than I will read in my lifetime and this is the first and most obvious is of its profitability.

It is apt for books which are dedicated not just digital photo albums but a printed word. I can enjoy them and where I wish as it means I never ever going to worry again of getting rid of a book.

It is also staggering with the sheer selection and ready availability. There is always the matter of the ‘bookstore lottery’ when browsing. This can be sympathized by anyone who has regularly visited in bookstores.

No matter how expensive or specialized the store’s selection is one never really knows what one is going to find is what I mean.

Such as book three of a popular series, though you know finding it will be easy and you just finished book two.

You may have to wait to scratch that literary itch until the next day possible after work or class if it is 10 pm and you still make the time to go to the bookstore to buy it.

They are available immediately too with digital and the books are always available. You are on the book three with a couple of clicks and a few seconds downloading.

The question was always was ‘can I deduce from context?’ and ‘is it important enough to stop reading?’ when faced with this scenario.

A full dictionary will pop up instantly answering my query with a quick tap on the word on the screen.  Between knowledge and the reading experience, I never need to make any choices.

Whether Tablet or e-reader?

It was on a multi-purpose tablet on which I had the Amazon Kindle app installed when I first really started to get into e-reading like many.

It was my main reading medium and I did not really appreciate the point of a dedicated e-reader for a good two years as it was my main reading medium.

It seemed like a fairly weak reason to invest in one overall as I had read comments on it being ‘better’ and not tiring to the eyes.