Amazon Fire HD 8 with Echo-like dock added Feature!

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An improved camera and new Alexa capabilities which turn it into an Echo device with a screen is what is launched by Amazon as it is updating its popular £80 media tablet.

Adorning a robust plastic body which is available in a collection of colors, the new Fire HD 8 looks almost identical on the outside to the previous version.

An improved front-facing camera, 10 hours of battery extended life, in the inside is a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, a choice of 16 or 32GB of storage and an 8in 720p screen and stereo speakers.

Antoine Dreyfus the head of Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire Tablets in the EU stated that they are stuck with the winning recipe of a premium device at non-premium prices with a focus on family and entertainment.

Supports 400GB Micro SD Cards & much more

For adding up to 400GB of extra storage for movies, TV shows and music, the microSD card slot now has accepted a higher capacity of cards.

Amazon’s dedicated £200 smart display with built-in Alexa is the big change is the addition of Show Mode which effectively turns the tablet into an Echo Show.

For the weather, recipes or any other question just like the Echo Show which is designed to be seen from across the room, Show Mode provides visual feedback for Alexa voice queries.

Amazon is also bringing its Show Mode Dock to the UK which is a case for the tablet and charging stand with the new Fire HD 8/ locking it into the micro USB charging port and has the magnets and charging pins on the back, the case clips are there around the tablet. Amazon has also upgraded the front-facing camera on the fire HD 8 tablet.

Show Mode and more such features

Snapping to the correct alignment using magnets to automatically trigger Show Mode as the tablet can be placed on the charging stand. You can take that with you is the benefit of having a tablet to become an Echo device with a screen which is clear.

Dreyfus explained that a person can start watching a show on the tablet in the Show Mode in the kitchen and then just pick the tablet up from the dock and move to the room and the video will continue to play without getting interrupted. Both into and out of the dock, the same goes for video calls or other activities.

With the Show Mode Dock which is available for pre-order today and the shipping on 4th October, the new Fire HD Tablet will cost £80 on its own or £110.

With a heavy-duty rubber case, two-year replacement warranty and a one-year subscription to Amazon’s Fire for Kids Unlimited which will soon include Audible audiobooks for kids such as Peter Pan as the Kid’s edition of the Fire HD 8 is also available for £130.

For £40 for an 8in tablet and £50 for a 10in tablet at a later date coinciding with a software update with Show Mode for the previous generation Fire HD 8 and current generation Fire HD 10 tablets, the Show Mode Dock case will also be available on their own.

Along with Amazon’s content and services, the software on the Fire HD tablets is heavily integrated. With Amazon’s custom Fire OS 5 skin it is a kind of its own species as the software is based on Android 5.1.1.

At the core of the software, it is still a lot different than a typical Android device as you can get some crossover by installing the Google Play Store and other Google apps.

There are no widgets and customization options are limited as you do not have much control over the home screen.

A device like the Fire HD tablet makes a lot of sense if you have Amazon Prime or own a lot of Amazon’s digital content. It is easy to download free ebooks online or other content like videos, music, and audiobooks as all that stuff is easily accessible right from the home screen.

As they are useful for non-Amazon content too as Plus Fire tablets are open to sidelong apps, ebooks and other content like the videos and MP3s. It does not make a lot of sense if you do not want to use Amazon’s services and content.

Buying an accessory arises questions in the minds of a buyer as the prices are so much affordable.

Amazon-exclusive features for a better user experience

Around 5% of the tablet’s price is what the worth of a case is which is $30 for 10.5 inches iPad Pro. And it makes 25% of the price with $30 case for a 10-inch Fire HD. A well over 50% of the price needs to be added to the basket if you really want to get the accessories for your new Fire 7.

Every day a huge number of these tablets are sold. The way you are and the trend which you follow can be expressed through a case. But, people here often go ahead in buying a simple black tablet with a black case cover.

There are many options which are available in the market now and for this, we have shortlisted some options for you.

The increased function which is introduced to the tablet is the other benefit and which is the important one. The cases can also be transformed into stands.

This will make it easier for watching a video or for typing emails. There are hand straps too which are introduced this way you can easily hold the tablet in one hand.

A built-in stylus loop is also provided to the cases. Several pockets are there too for holding documents and cables. Here in this list, you will find the best case which you have ever thought of with all the features provided.

While buying a sleeve or a case for your tablet the most important thing which you should know is the proper dimension of your tablet.

This way you can buy the accessory so that the tablet fits easily into it. During the purchase of the order, all you need to do is to provide the name of the tablet.