The Best Buy Kindle for the Amazon’s eBook Readers…Know All the Benefits!

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Ereaders are having many avid readers who are becoming more and more attached to them. Just log into and start downloading your favorites, no matter what kinds of books you are interested in.

As a part of Kindle revolution, more and more publishers are coming forward to include their publications. Here we will be making clear which is the best buy Kindle for you!

It’s been a decade since Amazon let out their first branded hardware which became well-known under the category of eBook.

Replicating the reading experience which you get in a paper all the recent Kindles does an excellent job in the digital form to varying degrees.

An excellent and long-lasting battery life is offered by each model. This is what which makes them different from the other ebooks.

There are five new models of Kindles which Amazon had manufactured and choosing among them can be a difficult thing to do. Today we are going to look into critically at the five offerings and choose which one to buy for our love of reading.


$79.99 is the pre-prime day price and it also comes with special offers with ads.

Advantage: Large library of audiobooks and built-in Audible capability it is of the cheapest price for the solid glare-free e-reader.

Disadvantage: This Kindle reader has a very low resolution. There is no built-in light to read in the dark and it is not waterproof.

Kindle Kids Bundle

$99.99 is the pre-prime day price and it comes with no ads.

Advantage: It comes with the kid-friendly cover with 2 years no questions asked guarantee and is the same as the entry-level Kindle.

Disadvantage: It is of the same entry-level Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite

$119.99 is the pre-prime day price and it comes with ads.

Advantage: Reading in the dark is now possible as it adds light and an excellent overall value for the price.

Disadvantage: It is not waterproof.

Kindle Voyage
$119.99 is the pre-prime day price and it comes with ads.

Advantage: It is a terrific way to devour a bestseller as it is thin and a high-resolution reader. In the environment in which you are reading it, the front light adapts to it.

Disadvantage: It is not waterproof and is pricey.

Kindle Oasis

$249.99 is the pre-prime day price and it comes with ads.
Advantage: In a pool or tub, the waterproof reader let you consume books. In the Kindle lineup, the 7-inch screen is largest. It has more storage facility. It is ergonomically satisfied and is lighter. It has the touchscreen and page turn buttons.

Disadvantage: This model will be overkilling for many digital bookworms as it is way more expensive than the other Kindles.

Get the best Kindle: Kindle Paperwhite is the best choice for you and it is a good value for what you will be getting though it is not the cheapest. In making you forget that you are reading in digital form and it does a fine job.

Things to know more:

Being the essentially sponsored screensavers and personalized adds which shows up on your device, the prices shown here reflects the special offers. You can purchase on any of these offers, you really need the Internet connectivity.

You can pay more for certain Kindle models upfront if you do not like the idea. The price of the entry-level Kindle can climb from $20 to $99.88 if you go ahead buying it except the prices of the entry level

Whether to purchase Kindle a Bindle with cellular connectivity or too with Wify as opposed to $119.

At less than half the price makes it a very attractive offer for all of us who want to look at getting a new tablet device but may not want to learn a new operating system or spend so much more money to get one is what the fact is that you get almost the same level of functionality.

You have been able to consistently get 7- and 8-inch Fire models for as little as $50 that worked better as device for kids or a Kindle replacement which also could play videos and also to download free eBooks online as Amazon never really left the cheap tablet market.

Since 2015, with an upgraded display, faster processor, better sound quality, and lower price, Amazon has now refreshed its larger Fire HD 10 for the first time. In size, the Fire HD 10 is much closer to the standard size of an iPad.

Giving it a new 10.1-inch display with 1920 x 1200 pixels of resolution is the biggest and the best improvement Amazon has made to the new Fire HD 10.

Making it great for watching the video, browsing webpages, reading ebooks, it is well saturated and has good viewing angles.

Most people will not have an issue with this panel as it is obviously not as nice as the iPad’s higher resolution. Since 2013’s Fire HDX, it is the best screen Amazon tablet has had and is far better than expected from a $150 device.

The processor has been bumped up to a newer MediaTek quad-core chip paired with 2GB of RAM which Amazon claims is 30% faster than the 2015 Fire HD 10’s chip and Amazon has also upgraded the sound with two Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers.

It comes with a storage of 32GB but you can well upgrade it to 64GB and expand the storage.
Playing videos, browsing the web or even playing games, all of these things make the Fire HD 10 very capable of doing the basic tablet things.

It all happens without any hindrances with navigating the interface, loading apps and switching between them.

It is the software which stands in the limelight despite its low cost. The HD 10 runs Amazon’s custom version of Android called Fire OS as with every Fire tablet.

It is easy to switch between the main app launcher and sections for video, books, games, music, audiobooks, and magazines as the core interface is fine.