The best eBook Readers reviews in 2018 You Need To Know About

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Kindle is the e-book ecosystem created by Amazon as per the best eBook Readers reviews. By ecosystem means hardware devices the software that runs on those devices, publishing platform that enables authors to self-publish on Amazon.

Amazon is able to spend so much time and energy building of an ecosystem because they have a large international audience of consumers that are looking to purchase the content for sale in the Kindle store.

At the beginning of the days buying a Kindle was a very simple job. Nowadays there are choices of kindles and it could be more complicated to buy because having four separate models are available at different prices.

So if you confused that which kindle you should buy then you can take the decision by reading all the devices here.

Amazon Kindle: 

This model came out in 2016 and simply called it to Kindle. Kindle has 6 inches touchscreen display. It has 4 GB of storage that you can keep thousands of books worth.

There is no backlight for reading in the dark. Connects you to the Wi-Fi and you can buy and download books directly within seconds. Battery backup is also for weeks if Wi-Fi turned off.

It has two different prices one for more option and another for special offers. It sponsored the screensaver on your device.

You will never get ads for purchasing the books, but when you will not use your device, then on the lock screen ads will be there.

Kindle Paperwhite:

The second Kindle is in the range that is paper white. As we mentioned before the common features in all kindles, that it also has 6 inches touchscreen display.

Paperwhite Kindle has a backlight that you can read in the dark also. It’s a cheap model and has the 3G capability as you would come to know by reading the best eBook Readers reviews.

The text will be sharp when the backlight is present. The battery backup of this device last for about six weeks which is incredible.

You can download books from anywhere in the world because it has the facility of 3G network.

Kindle Voyage:

Amazon Kindle Voyage is actually quite similar to the paper white. Also have backlit, 6 inches touchscreen display with same pixel density.

Its body is thinner and has lightly weighted too. The special feature is having the light sensor that adjusts your backlight automatically.

You can turn the pages by pressing the page press sensor rather than touch the touchscreen. Battery backup is six weeks. It has the Wi-Fi facility otherwise you have to buy 3G connection.

Kindle Oasis: 

The new Kindle Oasis screen is simply 3.4mm thick. This is virtual as about to paper as we tend to might ever imagine. The remainder of the body is thicker than the screen.

This is often the primary time that Kindle has an associate in aluminum casting instead of plastic.

So you are doing not ought to bit the screen to flip the pages or primarily browse what you wish to.

During this updated device the button square measure gift at the thicker half, if you are doing not just like the operate of buttons then you will be able to reset as per you want.

An intrinsically measuring device flips the screen thus you will be able to switch the grip from your right or mitt. The screen is though same resolution because of the earlier high finish kindle voyage.

Currently, its hour additional LED’S and therefore the white gamut is wider and additional significantly refraction of sunshine and screen is latest.

Battery life:

Amazon Kindle devices square measure already legendary for his wonderful battery lives and the oasis has not that the abundant distinction, amazon kindle oasis has around a period of time of battery life.

If you wish a lot of battery someday then don’t worry as a result Amazon has coated now too.

The amazon kindle oasis is the first device to ship with its own cover and the cover not only provides protection and elegance but, also includes a battery backup capable of adding a claim that is nine weeks of battery life to the oasis.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Another big huge modification is hearable playback support if you have got the audible and eBook version of the title you may be able to switch between the two. There is no audio jack, however; you will connect your speakers via oasis Bluetooth.


The big screen and battery push the load roughly 193 grams and also the last year oasis weights simply 130 grams. The rise in weight surely undesirable, but increase the dimensions and besides, the initial reviews claim that the serious well balanced.

Storage and colors:

The storage of kindle oasis is 8GB. The next 32GB storage variant with 3G support which might be accustomed transfers the books and alternative services.

Except that Amazon has a supplemental new choice to invent the black and white colors on the screen to create it simple to scan for anyone or with sensitive eyes.

Amazon fire 7:

Amazon fire 7 is just an e-reader which is also a full-fledged tablet. In this device, there are lots of features that make this attractive.

Firstly it is a seven-inch gorgeous display that has high contrast; text will be sharp to make reading comfortable for hours. You can read best eBook Readers reviews to know more about various Kindles features, specifications and prices.

Battery life is around eight hours so that you don’t need to charge your battery again and again. It has the feature of a backlight which optimizes a better reading experience in dim light.

It is highly durable and this seven inches tablet to be a good balance between the function and portability.

Amazon Fire HD 8 with Alexa:

Fire HD 8 comes with a high definition display and beautiful looking with over a million pixels. When your eyes get tired of reading then you can switch to your eBook.

Amazon Alexa is artificial intelligence voice-operated software that is compatible with Amazon multi-functional speakers echo dot.

It has also a voice control system with automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding to add intelligent voice control to any connected product that has a microphone and speaker.

Ematic fun tab 3 with Wi-Fi for kids:

This fun tab tablet comes with seven inches display and already preloaded with more than fifty applications including all games of education which includes the content teaching, reading and more.

It has technical specification like 1GB of system memory, seven inches touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi, 1.5GHz quad-core processor.

The additional features of this device are front and back cameras, 16GB storage memory onboard, additional memory via micro SD card slot.

Battery life will be up to 6.5 hours of run time on a full charge. You can buy it for your child because it is safe, fun and educational device and you can easily sort the channels into it.

Kobo Aura waterproof e-reader:

As for the Nigerian Monetary unit kobo aura HD, the 6.8 inches screen is appreciably larger and therefore the results that the number of text on one page mirrors additional closely to the normal paperback.

The drawback is that the text is perceptibly less crisp compared to it of the Kindle Paperwhite as this can be understood by reading the best eBook Readers reviews.

Also, the kobo aura screen is far less sensitive which suggest that never highlight precisely the passage we need. So, this may be a deal breaker if we are doing over casual reading.

This kobo aura is additionally less transportable obviously, the rear is meant to be a lot of applied science and adding a case to that makes it quite large.