Demon Stalker: Volume One

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Demon Stalker

Jake Steele, a Special Forces soldier, loses his team during an ill-fated mission in Afghanistan. He resigns from the army and comes home a broken man. He suffers from PTSD, alcoholism, and can’t keep a steady job. He’s just lost his fifteenth job in the year since leaving the military when an old friend talks him into helping commit a crime during which Jake is killed. But, the story is just beginning. There are 72 Demon Kings on Earth. Those Demon Kings are the leaders of Satan’s armies and their appearance signify Armageddon is near. The only way they can be stopped is by a Demon Stalker, a legendary hunter with extraordinary powers. Jake Steele is offered the opportunity to become a Demon Stalker. Can he handle the responsibilities or will his own demons keep him from success?

Author: Michael Fulkerson

Pages: 190