Knowing the Best eBook Readers and Kindles You can Purchase!

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Along with the rise of eBook readers, readers and book lovers have got behind the digital revolution. eReaders offer a way to bring your book collection with you everywhere providing a monochrome screen to read from rather than the backlight of a smartphone.

Making it easier for the eyes rather than bright lighting from tablets, eReaders use monochrome and E-ink on their screens. You can read ebook readers reviews to find the most suitable one for you.

While eReaders also block reflections of the light more effectively rather than the backlit screens. With most models, you can vary the brightness levels so that you can still read in relatively dark rooms.

Kindle Paperwhite

After more than a decade of development, Amazon’s models lead the way in the eBook space. For eBook Readers and Kindles, the Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s mid-range option.

For an improved viewing experience on the normal Kindle along with it has backlighting unlike Amazon’s budget version, it has a clear 300 pixel per screen.

Giving you the access to 5.5 million books online, the Kindle Paperwhite links up to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited store.

Using the touchscreen which offers a simple user interface you can navigate the Paperwhite. Meaning that you can find books to download even if you cannot get a Wi-Fi connection for an extra $50.

The ease of downloading new books while traveling could make it worthwhile for some people as it significantly adds to the overall cost.

So that it can last an entire holiday with ease, the Paperwhite has up to six weeks of battery life.

While it is a little pricier than the regular Kindle it is often on sale on Amazon so that you can find it for less as the 6-inch screen will be perfect for most people.


The 2016 iteration is no exception as Amazon’s Kindle has been the go-to for readers for several years now. 6-inch touchscreen and 4GB storage is how the entry-level Kindle comes with.

The screen is a little less detailed than its big brother models as it has 167 pixels per inch.

It is incredibly light and small enough to slip into a handbag. No backlight of any kind is present.

It does mean that you might struggle to keep reading on dark flights or longer journeys while this keep s the glare out of your eyes.

Allowing you to skip through multiple pages at once, the new Kindle has added modes like page flips.

Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis boasts the most advanced technology which you can get on Kindle eReader which is the latest Amazon Kindle.

A full waterproofing on Kindle is given to you by Oasis. You can always choose the most suitable eReader for you by reading the best kindle review 2018.

It comes with far more on offer as it is more expensive than similar Kobo models which offer the same features. Making it the biggest screened Kindle with page-turner buttons and twice the storage with 8GB of memory it has a large 7-inch display.

Allowing you to pair with Bluetooth headphone and use an Audible account to listen to music additionally, you can get 200,000 audiobooks from your Kindle Oasis.

To make the most of the Oasis or be an avid Audible user, you would have to be an eReader fanatic.

Kindle Voyage

Offering a few upgrades which make it a more premium eReader experience, the Kindle Voyage is a slightly updated version of the Paperwhite.

Meaning that the Voyage adapts to the light which you are in automatically while reading, the Voyage includes an adaptive front light.

Pagepress technology is also included in this. With haptic control on the touchscreen and physical buttons allowing you to flick through the pages, this is a step up on the normal touchscreen which you get with Paperwhite.

With a smoother casing and rubberish design rather than the plastic feel of the Paperwhite as for the generally more expensive Voyage which has a nicer feel than that of the Paperwhite and kindle.

Features to look for in an eReader

We researched the market leaders and picked some of our favorites to test while deciding which the best eReader was.

Producing popular models like the Oasis and Paperwhite, most of these models come from Amazon which still leads the space in eBook Readers and Kindles technology.

Most of which offer other options for downloading books and not just using one library, there are rival brands out there.

The screen size of Kindle

While picking up an eReader, screen size is one of the first things to consider. Although some from Kobo is a little larger, most models seem to be around 6-inches in their screen.

You do not have to worry if the reader seems a little small as the writing always tends to be clear on an eReader.

To navigate the screen the older eReaders used to have keyboards or keys. For navigation, the new models now use a  touchscreen.

3G connections and Wifi

To mean that you have to link up to a local wireless connection as most eReaders come with Wi-fi connection as standard.

You will normally have to register the device such as with Amazon Store in the setup process.

You can connect and download books almost everywhere; some of the models can be upgraded to use a 3G connection. This does add up to the price.

Library and Bookstore

You may then be limited to ordering and reading books from certain sources depending on which eReader you buy while benefiting from the use of the Amazon bookstore and lending library Amazon Kindles does not allow you to download any books in Epub formats.

If you want to check which books are available you can access both the Amazon Kindle store and Kobo ebook store online.

Several eReaders are now completely waterproof such as it goes for Kindle Oasis, So, you need not be afraid now that you will likely lose eReader to a watery grave at the bottom of the bath.

If you are happy to risk it you can buy a cheaper eReader without waterproofing as this does add quite significantly to the price.