Amazon Fire HD 8 Review: The budget friendly eReader to Buy!

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Simply by selling stuff at huge profits, Amazon did not get to be the world’s second trillion-dollar company. Along the lines of premium products at anything-but-premium-prices, its mantra with the company’s own brand devices such as the Fire tablets, Kindle readers and Echo gadgets has always been something.

The trend continues with the launch of the latest tablet on September 6. Instead of HD, you are getting Full HD as the Fire HD 8 offers an eight-inch screen with HD resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels to be exactly as you would know every single detail here.

Turn Off Alexa Hands-Free in Show Mode

Calling across the room to ask Alexa to play or pause music, make a video call to a friend with another Echo device and so on without even rising from your semi-recumbent posture on the sofa which are chief among these is the Alexa hands-free.

The new small-screen model brings this capability to the HD 8 as the larger screened Fire HD 10 along with 10-inch display already had this feature because of its faster chip. The comparison can easily be made as you go through the complete Fire HD 8 Review.

Identical to last year’s models, the tablet looks good. This is not an all-screen gadget as there are wide bezels on the short sides of the screen and the tablet looks good. Red, blue, yellow and plain old black are the four color choices in which it comes with.

The cost of this is &79. For the next delivery starting from October, it’s available for your pre-ordering.

Available Features in Show Mode

Making possible through the Show Mode Dock which is an accessory bought separately as the new model also comes with Show Mode. It now comes to the smaller tablet as this feature also appeared on the HD10.

Cunningly placed magnets so as it slides in, the Dock grips it gently swiping it into the exactly right place as the Dock is a gadget which has a groove into which you can slide the tablet. Satisfying to watch, it is a slick movement.

The name evokes the Echo Show device with its screen and that is clearly the inspiration here as it is in place and Show Mode comes into action.

When you ask the tablet what the weather is like, it will show you elegant graphics as it speaks the forecast in the Show Mode. When you are listening to Amazon Music, it will display the lyrics in perfect synchronization when you play music.

For the dock that fits the HD10 model, the dock costs $39 or $49.

Amazon announced the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition which is essentially the same tablet clad in a superbly grippy amazingly protective bumper alongside the new tablet.

There’s a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee from when your little one does something which is unspeakable with the gadget what’s more to look at.

Offering the most compelling alternative to Apple’s iPads- and all for far lower prices, the tablets are well-crafted and appealing.

Books, Videos, Games and Much More

Audible audiobooks for kids, games and videos-5000 items in all which are included as part of the price, not to mention a year of Fire for Kids. $129.99 is higher price even more than the regular tablet.

There is little important strength which is included in Fire HD 8 as a tablet. The interface is one of the things. Amazon gives it a serious makeover while based on Android.

It also makes a lot of sense as it is naturally focused around Amazon services. There are tabs for books, videos, games, and apps which are just a swipe away is what the “For You” tab lets you while continuing to watch or reading whatever you were doing last.

It understands how most people use tablets for consuming things as it is organized in a way in which normal Android tablets are not. As you can expand the standard 16GB or 32GB storage with a microSD card to store videos for traveling this is reflected in the features.

The stereo speakers are excellent much better than you would expect on a £80 tablet on the hardware side. It does an impressive task of creating stereo separation as the two speakers who reside on one of the long edges of the tablet.

It actually sounds like it did so when a gun goes off just the screen. As there enough mid-range and bass to give the sound a full, rounded feeling as dialogues come out crisp and clear.

When you are watching a video since you can turn the tablet so they are firing upwards and the volume controls respect which way round which you are holding the tablet so up is always up as you will not block the speakers when you are watching a video.

Bigger Screen That Gives Larger View

Though the screen is good enough rather than great this makes the Amazon Fire 8 HD great for watching TV or YouTube videos as you come to know by reading full review here.

This is more noticeable when browsing the colorful interface than when watching video as colors are somewhat muted. For less than £100 is just unrealistic asking for a great screen. It is just fine as the screen does the job.

While the low 1280 x 800 resolution screen is fine for video, books and web pages look a bit grainy in a similar way. Anyone with a modern phone might feel they prefer using it for reading than the Fire HD 8 it is to be expected at this price point.

The Fire HD 10 adds a higher quality screen for around £70 more if you cannot tolerate this/

Though the fact that the screen looks much better at full brightness than the lower settings means you might sacrifice some battery life for the sake of better picture quality when watching the video as you will get around eight to ten hours of use depending on what you do.

It is a little clunky as the Show Mode dock is simultaneously convenient. It itself is great when it comes to its dock. With a hinge for adjusting the screen angle as it is a surprisingly sturdy stand.

Connecting two corresponding contacts on the provided tablet case as it charges the tablet when docked thanks to two magnetic metal contacts.