Free Audiobooks & More offered to every Prime Members of Amazon!

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As Amazon is such a site which is perfect for finding pretty much anything which you can possibly need as millions of people around the globe use this platform every day also for free audiobooks and more.

As at first Amazon was just an online bookstore as it did not start out the way it is now. Through a Kindle e-reader of the Kindle app, you can readily access Prime Reading. You can also download free ebooks and audiobooks on your Kindle.

Amazon now is one of the most powerful and influential tech companies on the planet and over the years it is going to evolve as the best.

As because of continually adding features, such as music, video or a host of other things which we enjoy, it has reached lofty heights in large parts.

Prime was one of the most well-liked things which Amazon introduced.

Including the access to different Amazon content as well as faster deliveries, it is free to use Amazon though people with Amazon Prime subscription receive much more benefits.

1. Awesome discounts at whole foods

Looking to the struggling store as a way to get further into the grocery game, Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017.

To make its mark on the store as it slashed prices on many products, it did not take long for the tech company.

Extra 10 percent off of items with yellow sale signs as well as 2-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores in selected cities, free grocery pickup at certain locations and 5 percent back on Whole Foods purchases with an Amazon Prime rewards Visa Card are the benefits which are enjoyed by the Prime members.

2. Watching movies without Wi-Fi

The collection of free ebooks and audiobooks, shows and movies which can be streamed to your devices is one of the nice things about Prime which is the access to Amazon video.

But even you can watch them without an access over a Wi-Fi.

Including Fire tablets like the latest fire HD 8 tablet, Fire phones, Android phones all there were selected Prime Video titles are available to be downloaded to compatible modes.

Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi or wireless network, find the Prime title which you want to download and open the window details if you are using a compatible device.

Also, make sure that you have enough space as you need to keep in mind that this can use up data on your cellular plan.

Look for the specific download icon which will be a down arrow especially for the TV shows.

Though a notification will typically display on-screen while the viewing period is almost over, the amount of time which you will have to be able to watch the downloaded title.

3. Reloaded with money-back

Members can get 2 percent back on purchases when they first load funds into their Amazon balance while using a debit card which is attached to the checking account as the Prime subscribers can take advantage of this Prime reload.

You supply the money for your own Amazon gift card which you then use to purchase the items in other words; you could even load $500 into an Amazon gift card using the Reload program and then receive a gift card which is actually worth %510 for example.

To the Reload there are certain limitations. You cannot go over $2000 for a single reload as you need at least $100 into your gift card balance.

It can work out well for the customers who already use a debit card for their purchases and for those who are heavy Amazon shoppers who are looking to get some bonus cash as reload requires you to jump through some of the minor hoops to earn rewards.

4. Grocery delivery made free and that too within a 2-hour window frame

To turn the Whole Foods natural-food grocery chain into a key link in Amazon’s offerings, they have been looking for ways.

In an ever-growing list of cities through Amazon’s Prime Now service, is one of the most tantalizing perks for the customers which are a free two-hour grocery delivery.

At a two-hour window at a time suggested by Amazon the delivery is completely free. You can opt to pay a fee if you need your groceries faster.

It is quite optional as Amazon will also automatically calculate a suggested tip for your courier.

If your city is not yet on the list it might be soon as Amazon has been expanding the Whole Foods delivery service at a rapid pace.

5. Editor’s choice books made free each month

You have to get something reading to do as you need to warm up your Kindle. To check out a new book, the Amazon Prime Reading First Reads benefits your ticket.

Amazon’s version of an online library stocked with a selection of books, free audiobooks and magazinesares what the Prime reading is all about.

The selection of six editor’s choice books are the First Reads. Each month the Prime members can pick one to read free each month.

You will be able to find an option which will draw your interest and the chances are good.

A thriller, a gothic murder story, a historical novel, a true-crime book, a young-adult book and a cute kid’s book about a duck are all which are included on the list.

Saving money with Amazon Family

Amazon’s Family Program can give you a break on the cost of diapers and baby food as Prime parents with newborns have a lot of ongoing expenses.

You will require using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program and setting up the subscriptions for five or more eligible baby products to be delivered on the same recurring day to the same address to earn a 20-percent discount.

The many perks that come with the program can sweeten the deal and make the annual membership expense very worthwhile though you may have started with the Amazon Prime and special thanks to the lure of free shipping.

These all benefits do acts as an icebreaker for all!