Top 5 Kindle Fire Back Covers to protect Your Tablet

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Amazon is the first place where you can decide to buy a Kindle under the section of best Kindle fire covers in particular.

You need to know that there are only a dozen cases from which you can choose while many users are satisfied with the offered designs and colors.

You will essentially increase the list of available options if you search for Kindle accessory in the entire Amazon store.

Using Google web or directly to the other sites such as Etsy or eBay where the selection of Kindle fire back covers is also very large.

You will be ordering the case or sleeve which will be made to your specific order when you will be buying on Etsy.

Make sure not to select your Kindle device from a list of supported devices but also to write down the dimension in a message to the seller to get in the right dimensions.

For more than one specific model, some cases can be suitable. Where to head to buy Kindle fire covers for your tablet?

Here are the best options for you:

Amazon – We advise not to only check out the cases which are available in the Kindle Store but the Kindle owners shop on Amazon by default.

You will get to see the results from the “Electronic” section and there you will find out thousands of other cases which you can consider when you perform a search to buy Kindle fire cases and accessories.

Best Buy – The store is worth checking out if you want to buy a Kindle case or back cover at a reduced price as the range which is offered accessories is pretty limited.

eBay – You can get affordable and the best Kindle Fire covers here. As the branded one which you have found on Amazon but which costs two-thirds of the price, you can pick up here the case which is the same. If you are interested in exploring budget options, it is worth checking.

Etsy – For custom items, handcrafted to order, this is our favorite marketplace. You can choose from among the several Kindle jackets and sleeves. Look no further than Etsy if you want to get an insanely cute or uniquely stylish pouch.

List of best Kindle cases and accessories:

1. Poetic Slimline Amazon Fire 7 2017 Tri-Fold Smart Cover

Are you looking for a case that is similar to that of Apple’s Smart Cover and is affordable and lightweight?

Get a glimpse of Poetic Slimline tri-fold design which you can fold up the front cover to form a stand which is both for horizontal and vertical positioning.

You can close the case to put the device to sleep and open it to wake just like in the Smart Cover.

While the soft microfiber interior prevents the screen from scratches, the magnetic closure keeps the case securely shut.

Giving the same feel as the original Fire 7 case from Amazon, the outside is made of the premium fabric.

Besides yellow, there are five colors to choose from such as Black, Purple, Blue, and Red.

2. Famavala Amazon Fire 7 2017 Folio Case

Pick up bright, colorful designs instead of plain colors as the next level when it comes to fun in finding the best Kindle Fire Accessories for Amazon Fire 7.

Through Famavala, look at the folio cases. They have a built-in stand and opens up like a book.

To prevent the display from scratches, they have a soft interior. They also come with a pen holder.

They come in eight insanely colorful designs most importantly.

3. Slim Trifold Case Cover for Fire 7 (2017)

Want to look into more options for the rightful colors, patterns, and designs?

Why not look into eBay for a moment where you can get hold of freshly made cases which are offered directly from China.

Color ranges in this design are vast. You will find here dozens of others as we especially love the Geometric variant.

The current price is well below $10 if you are looking for better deals. And for all these eBay is a great destination.

4. DTTO Tri-fold Slim Cover for Amazon Fire 7

For an Apple-style smart cover for your new 7-inch Fire tablet, here is the next proposal.

It can be transformed into a viewing or typing stand as the case has a typical tri-fold design. Auto wake/sleep features are also supported.

You also get a better shock absorption with the Air cushion technology and honeycomb pattern.

Black, Canary Yellow, Cobalt Purple, Marine Blue, Punch Red are the five Fire 7 compatible color options. This is a simple alternative case for Amazon.

5. Avawo Slim Shell Smart Case for Fire 7 (2017)

The bright colors are the greatest things about Fire 7 tablets. To give access to ports and buttons, the parts of the device will be visible from below the case. You can now play with colors.

That is too obvious as you can obviously buy the case in the same color as the tablets. Find your unique color combination and go creative.

Especially when it comes to Amazon’s wireless and the best cover is a leather cover as there is nothing which is better than leather.

The inside of the cover is made from microfiber with straps to secure it in place and an anti-scratch screen protector to ensure that it will be safe for all situations as each leather cover is made from genuine leather.

When it comes to e-readers and with their leather cases they have also included a retractable LED light so any Kindle owner can read at night without worrying about disturbing others as Amazon always thinks of everything as especially when it comes to choose best Kindle fire covers.

There are a variety of colors to choose from so that anyone who owns the Kindle 2.0 or older versions of their wireless e-reader can pick the color that will match their personality; this is the best thing about leather covers for the Amazon wireless e-reader.

Get the best Fire HD 10 case which is the best investment is a kind of sleeve for many people who like to use their Amazon Kindle wireless e-reader on the go.

As they are made from high-density foam, scratch-resistant lining, and ballistic nylon to ensure that they are safe if dropped and can be transported for use in any situation.