Is it worth the price? Read Full Amazon’s Kindle Oasis 6 Review!

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Amazon is good at building these devices by now that there is almost no room in the market for anyone. There have been so many updates till now with every new release of Kindle device.

Amazon has always tried to add new amazing features in every device for establishing a strong market for e-readers. As a new Kindle device has been released so it becomes important to know the full Kindle Oasis 6 review to make any decision.

Let’s talk about the new kindle oasis, is a breakthrough product. Here is the review of the new amazon kindle oasis is a true masterpiece! Amazon Kindle has now been to be the best e-reader out there for a very long time.

With all that is needed already there in the device, the new Kindle was very hard to improve over the older version.

As hard it was, Amazon nailed it. The oasis is at different from its e-book reader as the second generation Kindle was from Amazon’s first e-reader, which was introduced in 2007.

The new kindle oasis screen is just 3.4mm thick. This is almost as close to paper as we could ever imagine. The rest of the body is thicker than the screen. For the first time, a kindle is getting aluminum casing instead of plastic.

Amazon has made it so that you need not to touch the screen to flip the pages or essentially read what you want to. There are buttons present at the thicker part to do that. If you do not like the function of the buttons, then you can reset according to your need.

A built-in accelerometer flips the screen so you can switch the grip from your right or left hand. The screen is although same resolution as the earlier high-end kindle voyage, now it has 60% more LED’s and the white gamut is wider and more importantly, refraction of light and screen is brand new.

Amazon Kindle devices are already known for their amazing battery lives and the oasis has not that much difference, amazon kindle oasis has around two weeks of battery life.

If you need more battery sometimes then don’t worry because Amazon has got covered this time too.

The amazon kindle oasis is the first device to ship with its own cover and the cover not only provides protection and style but also includes a battery backup capable of adding a claim which is nine weeks of battery life to the oasis.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Another big change is audible playback support if you have the audible and eBook version of the title you will be able to switch between the two. There is no audio jack but you can connect your speakers via oasis Bluetooth.


The big screen and battery push the weight approximately 193 grams and the last year oasis weight just 130 grams. The increase in weight surely undesirable, but increase the size and besides, the initial reviews claim that the heavy well balanced.

Storage and colors:

The storage of kindle oasis is 8GB. A Higher 32GB storage variant with 3G support which can be used to download the books and other services.

Apart from that Amazon has added a new option to invent the black and white colors on the screen to make it easy to read for anyone or with sensitive eyes.


The kindle oasis is water resistant. You can keep your device underwater for two hours. This is something consumers have been asking for a long time, now you can enjoy your eBooks in a pool, or beachside while going to relax.

Amazon kindle oasis price:

The new kindle oasis starts at $250 for 8GB storage and $280 starts for 32GB. You can also get oasis LTE connectivity and 32GB space for $350.

The oasis is for the user who must have the absolute best and nicest device with an awful lot of money as per the Kindle Oasis 6 review.

Its sturdy built quality and smooth operation point directly lofty price tag but in terms of features, it feels as though the reader’s evolution has found its end point.

The features of this device you won’t find on any other kindle and is the best buy Kindle e-reader available on the market today.