The Best Review of Amazon Fire HD 8!

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You are not expecting a top of the range technology when you buy a Fire HD tablet. You should seriously question how the price is around a third that of its rival if you are. It is not cheap though Amazon sells cheap.

You know that compromises are being made and they are still on full display with the latest Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet like buying own-brand value beans rather than Heinz. To protect your device Amazon has also released Kindle fire tablets accessories in various designs and colors.

The screen is pretty weak and it’s about as sleek as a Lego brick but, despite all this, it remains a bargain at its £80 price point though it can be sluggish straight out the box.

If you want something which you can use to browse the web and watch Netflix on, or palm off to a clumsy child without worrying about breakages then the Fire is the tablet for you as it is no iPad Pro.

It moonlights as an Echo Show and it is a masterstroke as only this time it has an ace up its sleeve.

Designing and display

This will be quickly shattered when the product arrives in the post if you were under illusions which you were getting a cheap iPad Pro when you paid £80.

Rather than the glass back that is all the rage with the priciest tablets which you get a bright-colored plastic casing as the thick bezels run all the way around the 8-inch display.

It is all a bit Fisher Price compared to the competition especially in the bright red as our review sample came in and it is not a bad look. Just the thing to give to the terminal butter fingered it does feel hugely robust though.

You would likely want a protective case anyway and it feels like the company has one built in, in a way Amazon has just cut out the middleman.

Amazon has got the basics nailed down as it is all pretty simple design wise. There are buttons for raising and lowering the volume and a 3.5mm headphone jack as there is a power button.

For expanding the fairly paltry 16GB of storage by up to 400GB there is also a microSD card slot.

There is a home, back and menu button appearing at the bottom of the screen in whatever orientation you carry it with as there are no physical buttons for navigation.

It is far from the best we have ever dealt with and that is 8in IPS screen. You get around 189 pixels per inch wide if the panel is 1280×800.

The text appears to be reasonable crisp and weak as this is compared to the most of the smartphones.


The Amazon Fire HD 8 has barely changed from last year’s model from the outside and inside. There are precisely two things which have changed which is the front-facing camera is now 720p and the microSD slot now supports 400GB for the baffling fraction of people which only spend £80 on a tablet but will happily drop £150 on a memory card for the core tablet.

On the meager side is what that means on which the specifications remain. Backed by 1.5GB RAM, it’s packing a 1.3Ghz Mediatek MT8163 processor.

This is fine for simple web browsing but even out of the box as it can often feel sluggish with simple tasks like opening apps and swiping between screens occasionally prone to embarrassing pauses for the most parts.

By the benchmarks, this anecdotal evidence is backed. The Fire 8 HD scored 613 in single-core tests and 1,692 in the multi-core round in GeekBench 4. It was in single digit tips for most of the graphical tests as it could manage in GFXBench.

It is truly stellar as the payoff to this limited performance is that battery life. In terms of hours and comfortably more if you only use it from time to time as you are easily looking into double figures in terms of hours.

Any micro USB cable will do like the kind which you are likely already drowning in when you need to charge it.

It is not the kind which you have seen on your smartphone although the Fire HD 8 runs Android. It works well as long as you are the kind of person rather which uses Fire OS.

Amazon app store, Prime video, Amazon Books, Audible, Amazon offers and so on are home screen. You have been able to consistently get 7- and 8-inch Fire models for as little as $50 that worked better as a device for kids or a Kindle replacement which also could play videos and also to download free eBooks online as Amazon never really left the cheap tablet market.

Since 2015, with an upgraded display, faster processor, better sound quality, and lower price, Amazon has now refreshed its larger Fire HD 10 for the first time. In size, the Fire HD 10 is much closer to the standard size of an iPad.

Giving it a new 10.1-inch display with 1920 x 1200 pixels of resolution is the biggest and the best improvement Amazon has made to the new Fire HD 10.

Making it great for watching the video, browsing web pages, reading ebooks, it is well saturated and has good viewing angles.

Most people will not have an issue with this panel as it is obviously not as nice as the iPad’s higher resolution. Since 2013’s Fire HDX, it is the best screen Amazon tablet has had and is far better than expected from a $150 device.

The processor has been bumped up to a newer MediaTek quad-core chip paired with 2GB of RAM which Amazon claims is 30% faster than the 2015 Fire HD 10’s chip and Amazon has also upgraded the sound with two Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers.

It comes with a storage of 32GB but you can well upgrade it to 64GB and expand the storage.

Playing videos, browsing the web or even playing games, all of these things make the Fire HD 10 very capable at doing the basic tablet things. It all happens without any hindrances with navigating the interface, loading apps and switching between them.

It is the software which stands under the limelight despite its low cost. The HD 10 runs Amazon’s custom version of Android called Fire OS as with every Fire tablet.

It is easy to switch between the main app launcher and sections for video, books, games, music, audiobooks, and magazines as the core interface is fine.