The Invisible Drone: International Crime Mystery Thriller By Mike Dixon

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The Invisible Drone

Planes don’t just vanish. Petra de Villiers told herself that. Spy satellites follow the movements of everything on Planet Earth. America and the other big powers know what’s going on. They must have seen what happened to her father’s plane. If they didn’t they weren’t as clever as they made out.The Boeing-717 left Paris for Toronto and failed to arrive. It was carrying delegates to a conference on globalisation. Petra’s father arranged it. He had damning evidence that global power was falling into the hands of ruthless individuals. He called them The Cabal. Petra had no doubt The Cabal existed. Once, it had seemed distant. Now, it had taken on a frightening reality. Her father’s plane was almost certainly sabotaged. As heir to the de Villiers fortune she was at great risk.

Author: Mike Dixon

Pages: 205