Top 50 Kindle Fire Tablet accessories ideal for Amazon Tablets!

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Explore the list which we bring for you from around the web, if you are digging in to find unique and the best Kindle Fire Tablet accessories for your new Amazon tablet.

Enjoying the digital content from Amazon can only be achieved through the convenient ways of Amazon Fire tablets. These tablets really do well and are given at prices which you can never dream of.

Buying best Kindle fire accessories arise questions in the minds of a buyer as the prices are so much affordable.

Around 5% of the tablet’s price is what the worth of a case is which is $30 for 10.5 inch iPad Pro. And it makes 25% of the price with $30 case for a 10-inch Fire HD. A well over 50% of the price needs to be added to the basket if you really want to get the accessories for your new Fire 7.

The list which we bring to you today contains the following:

  • Amazon Fire 7 cases
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 cases
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 cases
  • Cases for older Amazon Fire models
  • Amazon Kindle Fire accessories

So are you really keen on buying a new case for your Amazon Fire tablet? But when we look closely we find that the costs of the accessories are way more than the tablet itself.

In terms of durability, Amazon also claims that their tablets are much more long-lasting than that of Apple’s. So, why is the question for accessories arising if it is protected already?

Individuality and functionality are the two advantages of the cases and the sleeves. As having a case does not only work for protecting the screen of the tablet from scratches or any other accidental damages.

Every day a huge number of these tablets are sold. The way you are and the trend which you follow can be expressed through a case. But, people here often go ahead in buying a simple black tablet with a black case cover. There are many options which are available in the market now and for this we have shortlisted top 50 Kindle Fire Tablet accessories for you.

The increased function which is introduced to the tablet is the other benefit and which is the important one. The cases can also be transformed into stands.

This will make it easier for watching a video or for typing emails. There are hand straps too which are introduced this way you can easily hold the tablet in one hand. A built-in stylus loop is also provided to the cases.

Several pockets are there too for holding documents and cables. Here in this list, you will find the best case which you have ever thought of with all the features provided.

While buying the best Kindle fire accessories for your tablet the most important thing which you should know is the proper dimension of your tablet.

This way you can buy the accessory so that the tablet fits easily into it. During the purchase of the order, all you need to do is to provide the name of the tablet.

When it comes to the previous and current generation of the tablets, the dimensions are quite the same for each model.

There are even cases which come for a particular model. It is all about the outfit of a plastic shell in which the tablet will fit with proper cuts and strands for the speakers, rear camera and others.

In many times for two generations of the same tablet will have a different dimension and hence will not fit into this plastic case.

Amazon Fire dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Fire 7 (2017) 7.6 × 4.5 × 0.4 192 × 115 × 9.6
Fire 7 (2015) 7.5 × 4.5 × 0.4 191 × 115 × 10.6
Fire HD 8 (2017) 8.4 × 5.0 × 0.4 214 × 128 × 9.7
Fire HD 8 (2015) 8.4 × 5.0 × 0.3 214 × 128 × 7.7
Fire HD 10 (2017) 10.3 × 6.3 × 0.4 262 × 159 × 9.8
Fire HD 10 (2015) 10.3 × 6.3 × 0.3 262 × 159 × 7.7

Buying case covers for Amazon Fire

What if you land up disappointed while choosing a case that first your Amazon Fire case perfectly? There are many online stores which offer the vast collection of cases and accessories best suited for you.

Amazon is one of the places from where you can buy their branded product along with dedicated accessories which are original.

There are third-party recommendations too which can be taken into concern. You will land on the results under the “Electronic” section where you will get much variety of Kindle Fire Tablet accessories while searching on the online stores.

Best Buy is the other store which offers accessories for your Amazon Fire tablets. Though their physical store has a limited range of products their online section is ginormous and the prices for the Amazon Fire accessories here are relatively cheaper.

eBay is another source while purchasing cases and covers and that too which is affordable in price range. The cost which comes here is relatively two-third from the ones which are offered through Amazon. For budget deals, eBay is the best which you can take a tour of.

Etsy is new and for handcrafted accessories it has become one of the most favored marketplaces for custom made items. You get a wide range of Amazon Fire cases and covers here.

If you are looking for cute covers along with uniquely trendiest style then Etsy is the best place.

Cases to buy for Amazon Fire

Poetic Slimline Amazon Fire 7 2017 Tri-Fold Smart Cover.

Here in this cover, you can fold its front cover which forms a stand for both typing and viewing position. It is really an affordable one with its tri-fold design and is absolutely light in weight.

The cover is sensitive to the screen. So to make the device go to sleep you simply need to close the cover and to wake it up just by opening it.

The device is completely shut with the magnetic closure and the soft microfiber which makes the interior of the cover the screen is protected from any scratches.

Making it seem like the case is the original to that of the one offered by Amazon for Fire 7, the exterior of the cover is made of premium fabric. This cover comes in a variety of five colors that is the Black, Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow. Price at Amazon – $9.95

50 best Kindle cases and accessories to buy in 2017

Best Amazon Fire cases to buy in 2017

Amazon Fire 7 cases


Poetic Slimline Case for Amazon Kindle Fire 7

Poetic Slimline Amazon Fire 7 2017 Tri-Fold Smart Cover. Are you looking for an affordable lightweight case that works similarly to Apple’s Smart Cover?

Take a look at Poetic Slimline tri-fold design – you can fold the front cover to form the stand, both for horizontal (typing) and vertical (viewing) position.

Just like in the Smart Cover, you can close the case to put the device to sleep, and open it to wake. The magnetic closure keeps the case securely shut, while the soft microfiber interior prevents the screen from scratches.

The outside is made of the premium fabric, giving the same feel as the original Fire 7 case from Amazon. There are five colors to choose from. Besides Yellow featured above, you can pick up Black, Purple, Blue (my favorite), and Red. ⇢ Amazon – $9.95.


Famavala Folio Case Cover for Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet

Famavala Amazon Fire 7 2017 Folio Case. Many times single color cases become a bit boring, so if you are looking for best Kindle fire accessories then this case is perfect for Fire 7.

These folio cases from Famavala are something which you should dig in. They have a built-in stand and have a soft interior to guard the screen from scratches. Even there is a place for pen holder making it a more of utility.

Blue Sky, Colstar, Sun Flower, Tree Bird are some from the insanely colorful design this cover comes in.
⇢ Amazon – $11.99.


Colorful Slim Tri-fold Cover for the 7th generation Fire 7 tablet

Slim Trifold Case Cover for Fire 7.
At eBay you will land upon freshly made cases which are offered directly from the producers from China if you are looking for more patterns, colors and designs.

The range at which this designer case comes in is huge. If you love geometric patterns then this is the best with pricing below $10. To check for more look out in eBay which is pricing this case at $6.99

⇢ eBay – $6.99.


DTTO Amazon Fire 7 Trifold Slimline Case

DTTO Tri-fold Slim Cover for Amazon Fire 7.
Another example for Apple type covers for your Amazon Fire 7.

You can transform this cover ideal for typing and viewing with its tri-fold design. It also has the wake and sleep feature. It is designed for a better shock absorption with air cushion technology and the pattern of honeycomb.

Black, Canary Yellow, Cobalt Purple, Marine Blue, Punch Red are the five color options which you get for this cover and looks absolutely like the original Amazon case.

This case is a simple alternative to the original Amazon case. ⇢ Amazon – $15.99.


Avavo Slim Shell Amazon Fire 7 Case Cover

Avawo Slim Shell Smart Case for Fire 7.
Bright colors are the catchiest feature about this Fire 7 tablets. Giving a free access to the ports and the buttons below the part of the device can be seen. And here you have the fun of playing with colors.

Go ahead and explore your creativity while finding the ideal color combination. There colors are different though the same case is offered both by Avawo and Poetic.
The black shell with black frame is the noticeable factor which highlights this product more. Sky Blue, Green, Magenta / Rose, Black, Purple and Navy are the color options which you get.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99.


Official Case Cove for Amazon Kindle Fire 7 (7th-generation)

Original Case Cover for the 7th generation Amazon Fire.

Original accessories are the ones which you need to check on after you add your tablet in basket after purchasing it. Original case covers are now available in market like those of the previous generations and the color ranges are great.

This cover can be transformed into a stand and also have the sleep and wake option. And ports and buttons are easily accessible.

Canary Yellow, Charcoal Black, Cobalt Purple, Marine Blue and Punch Red are the variety of colors in which this cover is available.
⇢ Amazon – $24.99.


Fintie Slim Keyboard Case for Amazon Kindle Fire 7 (2017)

Fintie Slim Keyboard Case for Fire 7.
Fintie is one of the renowned case brands and have a variety of design for Amazon Fire tablet if you are looking for a cover with keyboard case.

It works within 10 meters from the tablet as the case connects with the Bluetooth. The keyboard is detachable so it can be taken out of the case when not needed. Like the laptop the keys are real and with every stroke the response is tactile

Not just a black but this case comes in a variety of five colors.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99.


ProCase Classic Folio Stand Case Cover for Kindle Fire 7-inch Tablet

ProCase Vintage Folio Stand Case for Amazon Fire 7.
If you are looking for one which looks and feels of a vintage book this you should go ahead with this stylish folio case from ProCase. The exterior is of good quality faux leather and the interior is of a soft microfiber.

Not just in limited two but there are multiple slots and you can make the tablet stand at every angle. Pockets are there in exterior for documents and papers and a loop for the stylus.

The major feature for this is that you get a stylus too.

⇢ Amazon – $18.99.


Poetic Slim Folio Amazon Fire 7 (2017) Case

Poetic Slim Folio Amazon Fire 7 Case
This case from Poetic can be used as a stand for both the typing and the viewing position and is made of good quality faux leather.
You can use this with one hand as it comes with hand strap.

The soft material which is made for the interior and the geometric pattern adding a quality to the case are the two things which makes this case more eye-catching. On the edge of the case and the back a little grip-like area is also there.
⇢ eBay – $10.95.


BluCase White Linen Fire 7 Sleeve

Blu Case White Linen Fire 7 2017 Sleeve
A sleeve is something which is worth considered to be bought when you think for the protection of your tablet more.
The choices are enormous when you think of buying them.

Blu Case is one the best when getting a sleeve for your tablet. Handmade linen is used as the material for the sleep and inside a 5mm foam is given which is of light weight protecting your tablet from scratches, bumps and accidental falls.

Having the best-fitted sleeve is one of the main considerations so always mention the type of tablet you have and get the sleeve accordingly which comes in a variety of colors.

⇢ Etsy – $11.95.


JuliaCuteCases Kindle Amazon Fire 7 Cute Pet Sleeve

Julia Cute Kindle Fire Cute Pet Sleeve.
Sleeves are the ideal choice when you are looking for the one which is cute in terms of looks and touch while exploring for the top Kindle fire tablet accessories.

For this you get the cutest handcrafted sleeves from Julia Cute. The inside lining is smooth, for softness there is fleece and safety cover and a beautiful designer fabric on the exterior.

You will get three design options here for Cat, Bear and Bunny. Getting the cutest one is the challenge here. Provide the dimensions when buying.
⇢ Etsy – $31.90.


Petite Le Ru Sleeve for Fire 7 Tablet

Petite Le Ru Sleeve for Fire 7 Tablet.
Crocheted in Bulgaria with soft and hard blended cotton, this sleeve is remarkably beautiful for your tablet. It has a loop and a plastic rainbow button at close.

There are ample designs from which you can choose yours at Etsy and yes always mention the dimensions.

⇢ Etsy – $33.90.


Jiu Jiu Striped Colorful Sleeve for Amazon Fire 7

Jiu Jiu Colorful Cotton Sleeve for 7-inch Tablets.
Jiu Jiu offers the sleeves at Etsy if you are searching for a simple sleeve made of solid cotton canvas as fabric.

The sleeve is well padded in between and closes with Velcro and has a charcoal colored lining inside, Mustard, Neon Orange or Blue are the colors which are available.

⇢ Etsy – $17.99.


Dark Gray Felt Sleeve for Amazon Kindle Fire tablet 7-inch 2017

Felt Bag World Colored Felt Sleeve for 7-inch Tablets.

The felt sleeve is something which is great for 7-inch tablets. The colored sleeve is something which is ideal for Fire 7.
For keeping essential things there are large external pockets and there are as many as 21 colors from which you can choose.
⇢ Etsy – $26.99.


Swees Slim Protective Amazon Kindle Fire 7 (2017) Smart Cover

Swees Slim & Protective Fire 7 Smart Cover.
If you are looking for a range of cover art from designers then Swees Slim offers the same.

The function which this smart cover offers is as same as the tri fold covers which we discussed earlier. It has a strong back shell with cut outs for the ports and buttons and it is very slim in style.

The wide range of colors and patterns are the one which catches the eye most here. To choose you get almost 16 variants. Aurora, Dazzling Youth, Freedom, Galaxy or Midnight in Paris is the modern artworks which are available.

⇢ Amazon – $13.99.


Detuosi Tri-fold Emblem Case for Fire 7 tablet

Detuosi Ultra Slim Smart Case for Fire 7.
Detuosi offers the slimmest and lightest case when you are looking for more designs and patterns.

To choose from you get a range of almost thirty variants. Gold and Rose color are the ones which you are going to find in here. Inspired by nature you will find the geometric patterns, painting-style art.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99.


Fintie Slim Case for the newest Amazon Fire 7-inch tablet

Fintie Slim Standing Case for All-new Amazon Fire 7.

This is an ultra slim and light weighted tri-fold case with built-in stand and sleep/wake feature.

In case of the functions, they are similar to those of the smart covers and it comes with a variety of colors and designs which goes with all occasions. The designs and the patterns which are used is the great thing about this case.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99.

Amazon Fire HD 8 cases


MoKo Case for All-New Fire HD 8 2017

MoKo Keyboard Case for Amazon Fire HD 8.
Many tablet users prefer to use keyboard along with the tablet making it easier for them to type in emails or do their work similar to that of a laptop.

Whether you need the cover for the tablet or not you can also buy a Bluetooth keyboard. You also have the option of buying a built-in keyboard along with the cover.

This is what the special feature of this case is. The keyboard which comes along is easily detachable. The keys are similar to that of the laptops which response tacitly with every stroke.

There are four color variants of Black, Indigo, Lucky Tree and Starry Night for Amazon Fire HD 8.
⇢ Amazon – $19.99.


IVSO Lightweight Slimline Case for Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet

IVSO Lightweight Slimline Case for Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet. The case is tailor-made to fit the 2017 Fire 7 tablet (7th generation). It’s a typical tri-fold design – it supports auto wake/sleep feature, has a built-in stand, and is extremely lightweight.

Available in seven colors, including Rose Gold, Gold, Green, and Red. ⇢ Amazon – $12.50.


MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Folding Folio Stand, fits 7th generation

MoKo Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017) Folding Folio Stand. From MoKo, one of our favorite providers of cases and best Kindle fire accessories comes a standing folio cover designed specifically for the 2017 Amazon Fire HD 8.

The case is made from a durable polyurethane leather (outside) and a microfiber (inside) to give a durable and versatile protection. It supports auto wake/sleep function, features the magnetic clasp, stylus loop, and has a built-in stand. A hand strap lets you comfortably use the tablet with one hand.

MoKo Folio Stand comes in almost thirty colors and designs. Some of them we’ve seen in the previous-generation Fire HD 8, but there are a few new ones, including Propitious Clouds, shown above. ⇢ Amazon – $18.99.


Fintie Amazon Fire HD 8 Folio Stand Cover with Pocket (2017)

Fintie Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 Folio Stand Cover. What makes this case different from other folio stand covers is a large outside pocket where you can place documents, bills, sticky notes, or a library card.

Besides that, the folio from Fintie has a built-in stand with three viewing angles and the magnetic strip that allows for support of the auto sleep/wake function.

It’s worth noting that this particular case holds the device in place using a faux leather frame. Thanks to that the case works well with three generations of Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet: 2015, 2016, and 2017.

There are thirteen color options to choose from, including Blossom (shown above), Love Tree, and Moroccan Love. ⇢ Amazon – $17.99.


Swees Slim Folio Case Cover for Fire 7 Tablet

Swees Slim Protective Case for Fire HD 8 2017. If you are looking for the unique design or pattern, the largest number of options is available on the standard tri-fold case cover.

Tri-fold cases share the same features, no matter which brand they come from. They can be folded to form a horizontal or vertical stand. They support wake/sleep function and feature a solid plastic back shell. Most importantly – they are the lightest available option at hand, much lighter than popular folio cases.

The only differentiation point is the design and I’m sure in the range from Swees you’ll find something that will catch your attention. There are fifteen color/design options to choose from. The one presented above is Elf Tree. ⇢ Amazon – $13.99.


Garunk Slim Tri-fold Kindle Fire HD 8 2017 Cover

Garunk Slim Tri-fold Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 Cover. If you are still not satisfied with the choice of patterns and designs, you can browse the collection from Garunk.

Among the offered variants, we love Magic Tree (featured above). Take a look at Magic Cube, one of the most popular designs for cases. Romantic Road, Flame Skeleton, and Blue Wings are also worth recommending. ⇢ Amazon – $13.99.


MoKo Slimline Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet Case Cover

MoKo Slim Shell Stand for Fire HD 8 (2017). MoKo again, and again the pattern that’s trendy this year: Ocean. Just like any other tri-fold case, it offers auto sleep/wake support, built-in stand, and easy access to all ports and buttons.

What makes this case special is the back shell. Most other producers offer the plastic shell in the color of the case. MoKo decided to go with fully transparent plastic. Great idea! If you buy the Kindle Fire HD 8 in your favorite color (let’s say it’s Canary Yellow), you can still see it with the case on.

Now, the thrill is what color and pattern of the case to pick up to go well with the color of the tablet. And there are over twenty variants at hand. Our favorite ones are Peach Blossom and School of Fish. ⇢ Amazon – $17.99.


Fintie Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 Slim Shell Tri-fold Cover

Fintie Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 Slim Shell Tri-fold Cover. Just for a quick comparison, we present the case from Fintie. It’s the same standard tri-fold design, but it comes in well over thirty colors and patterns.

Besides the plain colors, the designs are different from what other providers offer. A plenty of styles and moods to choose from. The Totoro is just the one we like most. You may disagree with our choice when you see the rest of variants. ⇢ Amazon – $16.99.


Poetic Texture Trifold Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8

Poetic Slimline Fire HD 8 2017 Tri-fold Case. What if we put aside the colorful designs and focus on the texture? Take a closer look at the Slimline case from Poetic. The outside is made of the premium woven fabric and gives the similar rich effect as Amazon’s original case, featured later in this overview.

The case – thanks to the fact that it’s one color – is extremely stylish and has a premium look. It’s available in five colors, playing nicely with the colors of the Amazon Fire HD 8: Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Red. ⇢ Amazon – $12.95.


Ccmao Heavy-duty Shockproof Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2017

Ccmao Heavy-duty Shockproof Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2017.
When it comes to cases with shockproof, they usually look bad and heavy.

This is the case which looks much better providing the similar shockproof quality. The interior is made from polycarbonate shell which makes it flexible and the exterior is anti-slip silicone.

Four color variants are available which also includes Rose Red and Black.
⇢ Amazon – $16.99.


Pixiu Protective Heavy-duty Kindle Fire HD 8 2017 Cover

Pixiu Protective Heavy-duty Fire HD 8 Cover.
It has a stylish flower pattern on the back making it ideal for girls and it is the similar shockproof case.

There are three color variants from which you can choose from which is Black, Mint Green and Rose Gold.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99.


Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 Keyboard Case from MoKo

MoKo Keyboard Case for Amazon Fire HD 8, 2017 Release. Many users consider getting a keyboard for their tablet. It makes it much easier to answer an email or type a Facebook status.

You can buy a Bluetooth keyboard separately, no matter whether you need the case for your tablet or not. The other option is to buy the case that has the built-in keyboard.

One of such cases is offered by MoKo. The Bluetooth keyboard is easily detachable, so you don’t need to keep it inside the case all the time. The keys are made like the ones in laptops, giving a tactile response with every stroke.

You can get this keyboard case in one of four colors: Black, Indigo, Lucky Tree, and Starry Night. ⇢ Amazon – $38.99.


CLND 8-inch Tablet Case

CLND 8-inch Tablet Case.
Sleeves are of great beauty which goes with your tablet well. The sleeve which CLND offers is great as it is handcrafted using 100% linen fabric and the interior lays soft cotton.

While buying always mentions the name of the tablet for which you are buying this sleeve.

⇢ Etsy – $24.99.


Gopher Hamdmade Felt Sleeve for 8-10 inch Tablets

Gopher Handmade Tablet Sleeve.
The sleeve offered by Gopher is one of the stunning one.

This sleeve is vegan friendly having a marble-like white structure. Make sure that you mention the dimensions of your Fire HD prior buying it.

⇢ Etsy – $23.99.


Pochette Gavotte Kindle Amazon Fire HD 8 Sleeve

Pochette Gavotte Fire HD 8 Sleeve. If you are looking for an elegant looking sleeve then this is the best option which is available for you. Several color variants are available for you to choose from. One of which is cloudy green with beautifully hand painted polka dots.

For better protection the sleeve is padded with 3mm upholstery foam and has a wooden button for closing the top. There is a Pochette Gavotte stamp also on the exterior.
⇢ Etsy – $26.99.


Original Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 Case Cover

Original Amazon Fire HD 8 Case Cover, 2017 Release.The original case is available at Amaxon. Here you get the maximum compatibility with your tablet and it is really expensive when it comes to its features and the colors offered.

Premium materials are used for the case. The exterior is the one which stands under the limelight.
Five color variants are available for this such as the Canary Yellow, Charcoal Black, Cobalt Purple, Marine Blue and Punch Red. But the price here is too high.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99.


Dtto Transformable Stand Cover for Fire HD 8 2017 Release

DTTO Transformable Stand Cover for Fire HD 8.
There are cheaper alternatives which are now available in market when you want to buy something which is similar to its original.

Cases from DTTO serve this very purpose. It comes with a price which is lowered to one third of the original.

⇢ Amazon – $17.99.


Nuyea Ultraslim Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Nuyea Ultraslim Case for Amazon Fire HD 8.

This is also a tri-fold case and has over 10 ideal designs.
The backshells are of two types. They are either textured or transparent frost.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99.

Amazon Fire HD 10 cases


Infiland Premium Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet (7th generation - 2017 release)

Infiland Case for Amazon Fire HD 10.
This case is available at affordable price and this book style case is a combination of functionality and style. It supports the sleep/wake function, with premium faux leather in the exterior and soft microfiber in the interior.

For watching videos or writing emails this can be utilized as a stand.
Six color variants are available including the Purple, Rose Gold, Navy and Sky Blue.
⇢ Amazon – $7.99.


Official Amazon Fire HD 10 case cover, 2017 release

Official Amazon Fire HD 10 case cover, 2017 release.

This design is common with every Amazon tablet you ever knew. With exact cutouts for buttons and microSD slot this cover is perfectly shaped for the back shell.

There are four color variants which are available such as Charcoal, Black, Cobalt Purple, Marine Blue and Punch Red.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99.


Felt Amazon Fire HD 10 Sleeve

Felt Amazon Fire HD 10 Sleeve. Felt offers the most stylish sleeve ever and this is hand crafted. It uses a 4mm felt and several color variants are available.

Make sure while purchasing you mention the dimension of your tablet.
⇢ Etsy – $22.


Ztotop Folio Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 2017 Tablet

Ztotop Folio Case for Fire HD 10.
Ztotop offers the cover which gives a solid book-style folio.

Polyurethane leather is used for its cover. To prevent the screen from scratches, the interior is line with soft microfiber.

The case can be transformed into a stand and it supports the sleep/wake cycle. You can fold the back completely which allows for the one-handed use too.
⇢ Amazon – $14.99.


IVSO All-New Kindle Fire HD 10 2017 Tablet Case

IVSO All-New Fire HD 10 .IVSO All-New Fire HD 10 2016
This is the best for a 10-inch tablet. The exterior is made from polyurethane leather and the interior is made from soft microfiber so that the screen is not scratched.
⇢ Amazon – $7.50.


Pochette Gavotte Premium Fabric Sleeve for Fire HD 10

Pochette Gavotte Premium Fabric Sleeve for Fire HD 10. Etsy is the one stop place where you can shop for the best tablet sleeves. They also offer great accessories for the tablets too.

Kurashiki city which is well known for making Japanese selvage jeans is from where this sleeve is traditionally crafted from and the sleeve is made hardy with the unbleached cotton duck fabric.

For a greater amount of protection, 5mm upholstery is used and the top has a wooden button closure. While buying do mention the dimensions of the Fire Tablet.
⇢ Etsy – $28.


Japanese Cotton Sleeve for Amazon Fire HD 10

Japanese Cotton Pouch for Amazon Fire HD 10. Style is the main feature which comes in mind along with a protection for your tablet. This cover is hand-made which gives the trendiest effect. Natural color cotton sateen as lining and high-quality Japanese indigo cotton fabric is used.

Pocket, string and wooden button closure is what this pouch comes with. While purchasing do mention the dimension.

⇢ Etsy – $33.99.


IVSO Slim Smart Cover for All-new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 (2017 release)

IVSO Slim Smart Cover for Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017).This is one of the tri-fold cases which were ideally made for Apple iPad tablets. They are the slimmest of all. It has a built-in stand which can be used for the viewing and typing position and also supports the sleep/wake function.

There are seven color variants which are available including the Blue, Rose Gold and Red.

⇢ Amazon – $14.99.

Get cases for old generation Amazon Fire models

Cases for older Amazon Fire models


Fintie Slim Fit Folio Amazon Fire 7 Case

Fintie Slim Fit Folio Amazon Fire 7 Case. This is a slim fit folio case; it perfectly fits the 2015 Amazon Fire 7 tablet.
It looks like a notebook and can be transformed into a viewing stand as it is made from premium synthetic leather and also includes a Velcro flap to hold the tablet in place.

There are over thirty variants of colors and designs which also include plain color, floral series, crocodile leather and many more.
⇢ Amazon – $7.99.


Exact Pro Series Amazon Fire 7 Case Cover

Exact Pro Series Amazon Fire 7 Case Cover. This is a solid and hardy book-style case along with a built-in stand. This is the pro series.
It has a soft microfiber in the interior for increased comfort and protection as it is made from a premium quality of grain eco-friendly polyurethane leather.

They are available in four color variants which includes Black, Navy Blue, Purple and Hot Pink.
⇢ Amazon – $9.95.


MoKo Slim Folding Case for Amazon Fire 7 2015

MoKo Slim Folding Case for Amazon Fire 7 2015. This is slim and the weight is absolutely lighter as this is also a folio stand case. To keep the screen protected the interior is lined with microfiber.
Even when the case is closed the buttons and the ports are easily accessible.
There are thirty different color and designs.

⇢ Amazon – $13.99.


MoKo Folding Stand Cover for Amazon Fire HD 8 2016

MoKo Folding Stand Cover for Amazon Fire HD 8 2016. This case is specifically was designed for the 2016 8-inch Amazon Fire tablet.
It supports the sleep/wake function and has a magnetic flap with stylus loop and built-in stand and is crafted from durable polyurethane leather.
There is a vast variation in terms of colors and design. There are ten color variants which are available.
⇢ Amazon – $17.99.


Fintie Folio Case Cover for Amazon Fire HD 8 2016

Fintie Folio Case Cover for Amazon Fire HD 8 . Providing the sleep/wake function and also can get transformed into a reading or writing stand, this stand case is made from durable polyurethane leather.

Varying from a plain black version to Fantasy Diamond, to Midnight Fish to Denim Gray are what the variations which you can choose as there are forty different color variants.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99.

Amazon Fire accessories


Sparin Tempered Glass Amazon Fire 7 2017 Screen Protector

Sparin Tempered Glass Amazon Fire 7 2017 Screen Protector. Well-tailored for the 7th generation Fire 7 tablet is what this screen protector is and is also compatible with the 2015 Fire 7.

To protect the screen against smudge, shock and scratch is how the 9H hardness tempered glass offers. The viewing quality of the interface is not affected and it catches the best of the viewing moments.

It is bubble-free and easy to install.
⇢ Amazon – $11.99.


Ipevo Pillow Stand for Tablets

Ipevo Pillow Stand for Tablets. This pillow stand can fit any tablet though it ideally made for an iPad.
It is as comfortable as a pillow and is hard enough to keep the iPad at the right angle.

It is very soft and is made from 100% cotton. There is also a space for wireless keyboard and it is complete fits your hands.
Four color variants are available which are the Blue Denim, Light Khaki, and Charcoal Gray.
⇢ Amazon – $21.99.


SanDisk microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets

SanDisk microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets. The slot for the microSD card is one of the greatest benefits for the Amazon Fire tablets. You can thereby expand the memory to 256 GB.

The recommended SD cards are from those of the SanDisk. They offer a great performance with full HD video recording and playback. Sizes available are 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB.

⇢ Amazon – from $10.99.


MobileVision 10-port Charging Station

MobileVision 10-port Charging Station. This is a universal charging station which is made from bamboo and allows charging up to ten devices at the same time.

You can now neatly organize devices and hide the messy cables.

⇢ Amazon – $59.99.


Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger.
On a single charge your Amazon Fire tablets can go up to 12 hours but it is always recommended to have a backup for emergency power.
When you are in the middle of a forest the power bank proves not so much useful.

With this Anker PowerCore which has a super-high 13000 mAh capacity you can charge two devices at once. For delivering the maximum speed charge to any mobile devices this is considered to be the best.

⇢ Amazon – $29.99.